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NCAA Football 2001


On the Main menu, select the Game Settings option.
Select the Secret Codes option, press Select, then enter one of the passwords below to enable the Effect you require.

Effect .... Code
15 second quarters .... HURRYUP
All stadiums unlocked .... OPENSESAME
Easier catching .... GO DEEP
Faster daytime effects .... DAYNIGHT
Faster players .... SCRAMBLE
Full poll .... POPULARITY
Improved defense .... PHYSICAL
Defense always intercepts .... OSKIE
Juggernaut team .... BULLDOZER
Kick very long field goals and punts .... TOEBALL
Larger walk-ons .... FRANKENSTEIN
Maximum attribute points .... BALLER
Change the date .... Y2K
Defense always intercepts .... OSKIE
Defense always tackles .... BRICKWALL
EA Sports Team .... SANMATEO
Maximum recruiting points .... HEADCOACH
Receivers always catch .... HANDSOFGLUE
Slower players .... CEMENTFEET
Tiburon Team .... MAITLAND
Wind at maximum .... SAFETY

Submitted by: CheatBookJon

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