Monster Rancher 2
Also known as: Monster Farm 2

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Use the CDs listed below (if you have them?) to create secret monsters:

Disney's The Little Mermaid Original Soundtrack (Mermaid)
Men In Black Soundtrack (Chinosis -- Metalner/??? monster)
Star Wars: Episode 1 Soundtrack (Galaxy)
Brave Fencer Musashi PlayStation game (Shogun)
Bust A Move 4 PlayStation game (Cinder Bird)
Devil Dice PlayStation game (Dice)
Digimon World (Japanese) PlayStation game (Unknown)
FIFA '99 PlayStation game (Dribbler).
March Madness '99 PlayStation game (Ninja Kato)
Metal Gear Solid - Disk 2 PlayStation game (Soldier Gaboo)
Syphon Filter PlayStation game (Unknown)
Resident Evil 3 PlayStation game (Unknown)
Diablo PC game (Unknown); need to be class E or D
"And Justice For All" from Metallica (Ferious)
"Black Album" from Metallica (Monol )
"The Bridge" from Ace of Base (Gelatine - Mocchi/Gel combination)
"Enema Of The State" from Blink 182 (Chef)
"Greatest Hits" from Bob Marley (Plant/??? monster)
"Hello Nasty" from The Beastie Boys (Unknown)
"Licensed to Ill" from The Beastie Boys (Express Worm)
"Macarena" by Los Del Rio (Unknown)
"Mellow Gold" by Beck (Moo)
"Merry Christmas" from Mariah Carey (Satan Clause)
"Millennium" from The Backstreet Boys (Happy Mask)
"S&M" disc 2 from Metallica (Unknown monster made of rock resembling a crab)
"The Sign" from Ace of Base or the Lion King Original Soundtrack ( Bossy -- Galli/Ape combination)
"Running With Scissors" from Weird Al Yankovich (Unknown); need to be class E or D

Get Phoenix again
Use the following steps to get Phoenix again after it is retired or flies away. Take the disc from the PC game Dune 2000 from Westwood Studios to the shrine and you will receive a Phoenix with higher stats than the original one obtained from the Fire Feather. Note: An original Phoenix has to be obtained before receiving one from the disc. To get an original Phoenix, go on an adventure to Kawrea volcano (pre- or post-eruption). Search the volcano. One of the items that can be found is a Fire Feather. Take it to the lab and use it as a secret ingredient combining any two monsters to get the Phoenix.

Other CDs that will unlock a Phoenix at higher stats than the original are Frente-Marvin and Saviour Machine-Legend Part 1.

After unlocking a Phoenix with a Fire Feather you can use Shaking The Tree by Peter Gabriel to get another Phoenix which is stronger than the first.

Money with a Sueki Suezo
If you need money, first go to the shrine and use the Monster Rancher 1 CD. This should result in a Sueki Suezo, a monster with excellent stats, except for speed. Use this monster when battling in a free-for-all. If it wins, you will get money and perhaps an item. Note: This monster lives only for one week. If you need more money, unlock it and battle again.

Forward Golem
Combine a Gaboo and a Jell Hare. Freeze them both and use a Black DNA Capsule. You will get a ForwardGolem, or a football player.

Unique monsters with DNA capsules
The DNA capsules in the game can create some very unique monsters when used in breeding. The following is a list of the seven capsules and the monsters that they create. These monsters can be created using any two monsters with the correct capsule.

Red Capsule: Poison Pixie/???
Yellow Capsule: Mia Pixie/???
Pink Capsule: Gentle Mocchi Mocchi/???
Gray Capsule: Moo Dragon/???
White Capsule: White Mocchi Mocchi/???(Energy class)
Green Capsule: Gold Suezo Suezo/???
Black Capsule: Forward Golem Golem/??? (resembles a football player)

Submitted by: AboBG. frek'o'nature, AveryH, David_T

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