MLB 2003


To hit 606 ft. homeruns, enter the name below as a player name at the player creation screen.
Scott Murray
To hit a homerun every time you hit it with power, enter the name below as a player name at the player creation screen.
Kelly Flock

Better curve ball:
Hold Triangle while the pitcher is throwing the ball and it will drop farther.
Easy hits: When your opponent pitches the ball, hold Down and swing. You will get on base safely 90% of the time.
Easy steals: When you steal second base, go about halfway to the base (or before the catcher throws), then turn back so the catcher throws to first base. Press Square immediately after he begins to throw. Do the same when going to third base. You will be safe about 70 percent of the time to second base and 80 percent to third base.
Recommended team: Go to "Trade Player". Then, trade your starting pitchers for Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Curt Schilling, Greg Maddux,and Tom Glavine. Keep most of the relievers and trade one for John Rocker. Then, trade the closer for Rod Beck or Antonio Alfonseca. Trade the infield for 1B Mark McGuire, 2B Roberto Alomar, SS Derek Jeter, 3B Chipper Jones. Trade the Catcher for Ivan Rodriguez, DH for Matt Stairs, and OF for Sammy Sosa, Ken Griffey Jr., and Barry Bonds.
Perfect catcher: Enter any name for a catcher and set his fielding, run, power, and batting average to 99. Leave everything else at 40.
Homeruns not recorded: If you do not make it to first base before your a homerun is announced, it will show up on the scoreboard, but will not be recorded as a hit in the box score or be counted as a hit for the player. Some players never get credited for homeruns because they run too slow, for example Mo Vaugn and Edgar Martinez.

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