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Madden NFL 2002

Walkthroughs and Guides
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On defense, for most teams go to 4-3 formation and chose Man Lock.
When you get to the line choose to right outside linebacker.
Bring him up to the line so he gets in a stance.
Press R1 to call an audible for bump and run.
When the QB says hike run after him and if anyone is blocking press L1 for the swim move.
This works for me most the time.
I usually get over 10 sacks a game.

This was done in Franchise Mode.
You must have a profile made and loaded.
Do the training mode in the Coaches Corner. Here, you earn "tokens", used a points.
Whenever you complete a certain play, you earn tokens.
Do every play that the game gives you.
Try to do them correctly so you can earn as many tokens a possible.
When you have completed each play, you can earn no more tokens.
Save your stats in the profile.
Then, go to the Madden Card section.
In this section, make the selection under the Challenge Status section (should be in the middle).
In here you can buy cards, just like baseball trading cards.
Cards are bought in packs.
Every card has a player (boosts stats by certain percent), veteran player that you can sign to your roster, Superbowl team (for example, the 1999 Rams), created team, new stadium, cheerleader cards, and cheat cards.
The cheat cards are cheats, just like in Madden 2000 or 2001 (and some new cheats).
You can buy the cards with the tokens you have just earned.
Almost every card can normally only be used once.
Save the profile after you have all the cards you want.
You can activate all the cards you want, and after the game, most of them will be gone.
However they will only remain gone if you save your profile after the game.
First, save the game, but do not save the profile. Restart the game.
Start the game again and load the profile. Then, select Madden Cards: Activate.
If done correctly, all of your cards should be back to the amount that they were.
Do this after every game and you should be able to use the cheats indefinitely.

Submitted by: T. Jackson

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