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After you get Lucia and before you fight the Guardian, stay in the tower and fight monsters to gain experience points and levels. You will need them to fight the Guardian.

To gain levels late in the game, you can fight the Chiro enemies in the White Dragon cave. You need to be at level 50 so that Hiro can use Triple Sword. Keep in mind that the Chiros will usually run away after one round. When you go into the battle, use everyone's strongest attacks. A victory will net 33,333 experience points and 11,111 silver. This is especially helpful immediately before Zophar.

Use the following to get easy experience after Zophar/ Go to the area near Neo-vane's crash spot to find a place called Lionhead. There are some very tough enemies there. Find the one called Dark Sphere or something that looks like those black spheres that use electricity in some of the other dungeons. This thing is hard to defeat without having Leo's Soul Blade because all normal and most magic and technique attacks only hit for 1. To battle it, have Hiro defend. Have Ronfar use Angry Dice and revive and heal people. Have Lemina use Catastrophe if she has it -- if not, defend. Have Jean defend. Leo should use Soul Blade, which will do 200 to 300 damage on the enemy. After about three or four turns it should die, resulting in 22,222 experience points. An alternate method is to have Hiro use Concussion Sword and everyone else defend.

In Neo-Vane, at the Cave Of Trial, you can get free experience points from the Scorpion enemies. You should have the normal battle positions as the game has it set, and give Lemina the Ice Staff so she can hit the enemies with an ice attack. When you fight the Scorpions, have Jean and Hiro attack the top Scorpion. This will push him back. Ronfar will not be able to attack because of his range. Then, have Lemina attack the top Scorpion. If done correctly all three Scorpions will be defeated for 560 experience points.

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