Jeremy McGrath's Super Motocross


Automatic Reload: To have your last save reload automatically when you turn on the game, save your rider with the name McGrath.
Backwards Tracks: To race the tracks in reverse, enter your name as SHOWTIME.
Bonus Bike: To get the M80cc you must win first place of a season on intermediate.
Donuts: While driving, stop, press and, hold X, Circle, and one of the turning buttons to do a donut. To do a faster donut, hold the same buttons with the wheelie button.
Mirror Mode: Win the season in the reverse mode to enact the mirror mode.
Playing Tips: One tip that is probably the most important is that you should always hold the Nitro button (R2) while you are driving in straightaways. You do not need to slow down going into corners because the game has really easy turning. To get better jumps hold R2 while going up a ramp. Just before you fly off let go of R2. You will jump alot farther and higher. To make the computer opponents wreck get right next to them and hold R2 then swerve and hit them. They will always fall off. Do not do it from behind because you will wreck
Hints: Don't use the Nitro button unless you're completely clear of the other bikes and have some straight track in front of you. Even the most glancing contact with anything while using it will send your rider straight over the handlebars and will lead to severe aggravation and depression.

When the commentator announces that another rider is taking a shortcut, try to determine where it happened. There's an invisible force field around most of the tracks, so these detours can be quite advantageous when you discover them.

Forget about the front brakes. Position your fingers so that you can use the rear binders regularly to slide/brake your way through the tighter turns. It'll gain you more time in the long run than the Nitro button.

Use the first-person handlebar view (press the Select button twice) for the most immersive and rewarding riding experience.

If you finish first in the championship, you will be given the option to run all of the tracks in reverse

Submitted by: Michael T

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