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Grand Theft Auto 2

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Enter one of the Names below, as your player name then select OK, to enable the Effect you require. Return to the player name screen. Delete the cheat name and enter another name. You can enter as many cheat names as you like.
Be sure to read the cheat notes, at the bottom of the list, about the cheats marked with a '*'.

Effect .... Name
Unlock all areas* .... ITSALLUP
Extra money .... MUCHCASH
All weapons with max ammo* .... NAVARONE
All locations, all weapons, all ammo, unlimited health .... BSTARD
Always on wanted level zero* .... LOSEFEDS
Police will always find you* .... BLOWME
Unlimited health* .... LIVELONG
Start at wanted level 4 .... DESIRES
5x multiplier* .... HIGHFIVE
1 million points* .... BIGSCORE
Debug basic scripts* .... NOFRILLS

Cheat notes:
Unlock all areas*
This will unlock all normal and bonus areas.
All weapons with max ammo* You will still have your weapons and ammunition if you die or get arrested by the police. You can still lose all your weapons even with this code if you play the 'Alma Mater Return!' job.
Always on wanted level zero* If you use this code with the "Start at wanted level 4" code, this will overwrite it.
Police will always find you* The police will know where to find you, no matter where you are.
Unlimited health* You can still die if inside an exploding vehicle, fall off a high building, or fall in the water.
5x multiplier* Your multiplier will never go up or down, and will always remain at 5X.
1 million points* You can exit Downtown District (level 1) at the start of the level with this code enabled.
Debug basic scripts* This will lock up the retail version of the game and was only available in the beta versions.

Enter the name below as a player name:
Your coordinates will now appear.
Now, while in debug mode, you can press the Button(s) below, on Controller Two to enable the Effect you require.

Effect .... Button(s)

Gives you $100,000 .... Square
Clear wanted level .... Circle
Toggle popularity with each gang .... L1, L2, or R1
Toggle coordinates ... Select

Submitted by: AJ, JAMBOROOLZ and Dale Thompson

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