Global Domination

Pause the game and enter of on button combos below to enable the effect you require..
Note: you can re-enter code to turn it off.

Effect .... Button Combo
Level skip .... X, L1 (2), R1 (2), X, L1
(Zoom in/out to change levels and press Triangle to confirm.)

A defensive missile becomes 6 .... R1 (3), Select (2), X (2)
Ammo (defensive weapons) .... L1 (3), Select (4)
Ammo (special weapons) .... X, Select (2), L1 (3), R1, L1, R1, L1
CPU aid .... Select, R1 (3), X, L2 (2)
Fire from all active defense silos ....  R1, L1, R1, X (4)
Produce all mobile units .... R1, L1, Select (2), X (2), L1
Shield selected country .... X, Select (2), R1 (3), L1 (2), R1
Show enemy submarines .... L1, R1, X (4), L1 (2)
Transform Special Forces into Super Fighters .... Select, X, Select, X, L1 (2), R1

Submitted by: Michael Gale

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