Final Fantasy Tactics
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Acquiring THE Zodiac Stones

Stone .... How or where to acquire it
Aries .... Defeat Wiegraf.
Taurus .... Hidden in Goug Machine city.
Gemini .... Defeat Duke Elmdor in Limberry castle.
Cancer .... Beat the Steel Giant.
Libra .... In the possession of thunder god Cid.
Scorpio .... Acquired after vanquishing Draclau.
Sagittarius .... The high priest gives this stone to Meliadoul.
Capricorn .... Defeat Dycedarg.
Aquarius .... In the deep coal mine in Goland.
Pisces .... When Izlude is dying he gives this stone to Alma.
Serpentarious .... Elidibs holds this stone in the last deep dungeon level.
Leo .... Kill Vormav.
Virgo .... Altima has the last stone in the Graveyard of Airships

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