Final Fantasy IX
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Successfully complete the game normally and allow the credits to finish, then enter the following button combination on the 'THE END' screen:
R2, L1, R2, R2, Up, X, Right, Circle, Down, Triangle, L2, R1, R2, L1, Square, Square
You will hear the sound of an item being used to confirm that you have entered it correctly.
Now, press Start and you will be able to play the Black Jack mini-game.


If you encountered all the spirits in Gaia and satisfied their requests go to Chocobo Aerial Garden (you will need a Gold Chocobo and a Dead Pepper).
Examine the stone on the second platform and choose the third option, then the first option to fight Ozma.
To defeat Ozma, put Zidane, Dagger, Quina and Eiko in your party.
Have Quina use Magic Hammer three or four times to steal all Ozma's Magic Points - from now on it cannot use any spells.
Then, have Zidane and Quina attack and Dagger and Eiko heal (do not use summons, you need a large amount of MP in this battle).
With some of patience (an half of an hour if you are lucky), you should defeat Ozma.

Soul of the Ancient Tree of Life
When fighting the Soul of the Ancient Tree of Life, never use a Fire spell.
If this is done, it will counter-attack your entire party with this Fire magic or do an attack that can deal over 700 HP of damage.
Sometimes he may even use it two times in a row that can immediately end the game.
Instead, use others spells such as Ice 2 or Bolt 2, which can do some very heavy damage on him.

Hints submitted by: Zophar288


Jump rope mini-game
Have Vivi approach the girls jumping rope near the ticket both in Alexandria. Talk to them and they will let Vivi join them. Press X when the symbol appears over Vivi's head to jump. Keep jumping successfully to get Gil, rare cards, and other items:

20: 10 Gil
50: Cactaur card
100: Genji card
200: Alexandria card
300: Tiger Racket card
1000: King Of Jump Rope (key item)

Two player battle
Go to the main menu, select "Battle Control", highlight "Custom", and press X. A screen featuring all the characters that you have and some controllers will appear. Move a controller to the second slot for the person that you want player two to control.

Other endings
End the game with the "Zeus Hammer" and/or the "Save The Queen" in your inventory to get additional endings.

Have Amarant in your party and make sure he has learned the Chakra skill. Also, the minimum MP needed for this trick to work is 4 MP. Enter a battle and have Amarant cast Chakra on himself. For 4 MP, he will restore MP equivalent to about 20% of his maximum MP. Continually cast it until you get reached your maximum MP. Since you can do this to other characters in the party as well, you can end up will everyone with maximum MP.

Walk around in the darkness for awhile in the field and forests around the town that has the auction house and lady who collects the zodiac signs. You will encounter a ghost. Give it some ore and you will win the battle, resulting in 10 AP.

Use Quina's level 5 Death spell against the level 60 Grand Dragons on the outside of Gizamalike's Grotto for around 8800 experience per person. Equip the quick level gain support ability (level up) for even more. Also, remember to take Coral Rings to protect against the Dragon's Thundaga spell.

Find a Dracozombie. In Disc 4, you can find then on the small green patches of land near the Ipsen's Castle on the world map. You must have Zidane, Dagger or Eiko, Amarant, or Quina in the battle against Dracozombie (you can use others character if you needed). Have Dagger or Eiko use the Silence ability on Dracozombie, because it can cast the Lv 5 Death spell. Keep defending until all your characters are affected with the Zombie spell, then kill it. Use Magic Tag to cure the character that you want to level up quickly. Equip the Quick Level Gain support ability (Level Up) to make your character get more experience. You must disable the Auto-Regen and Auto-potion support ability on every character which is affected by the Zombie spell. You cannot use items to cure or use spell such as Cure, Cura, Curaga and White Wind on the affected character. Amarant's Chakra skill is essential, since it still works on the affected character.

When you finish beating the plant brain, right after you go out the door stay in the same location. Do not move and the creatures well keep appearing. They are easy to defeat and give a decent amount of EXP and AP.

Fight the monster called Yan or Chimera. When you fight this monster, keep defending until it drops or bites your party member and gives them viruses. Cure the person that you want to level up. Then fight a monster that has a lot of experience such as Grand Dragon, Iron Man, Vepal or Worm Hydra. Fight until the party member that was cured from the virus levels up.

Once you are on Disc 4 and have the Invincible Airship or a Gold Chocobo, go to the island southwest of the Iifa Tree. It is a long, thin island with a mountain and a forest. On this island (called Vile Island), you will fight enemies called Yan in mostly groups of three. These enemies are extremely difficult, but each group of three will give each character 28,000 EXP (more if a character is "snorted" off the screen or killed). To survive these battles, try to have all your characters equipped with Auto-Reflect, Auto-Haste, and make their Magic-Defense as high as possible. Note: If these creatures "snort" all your characters off the screen, the game will end. Make sure you have a lot of Tents, Vaccines (to counteract Virus Powder), and save between battles. Note: This is the same island to find the final friendly monster, the Friendly Yan, in the forest.

During the fight against the masked man, steal the Mage Masher. At the opera scene, keep encoring with a high score and get a few thousand Gil. After the opera ship crashes, fight in the first area that you can do so, and steal every fight for a Potion or High Potion. Use these to heal when critical. Repeat this until you gain a few levels it will pay off.

Catching frogs

Frogs .... Items
2 .... Ore
5 .... Ether
9 .... Silk Rode
15 .... Elixir
23 .... Silver Fork
33 .... Bistro Fork
45 .... Battle Boots
99 .... Battle Master Quale to receive Gastro Fork

Ragtime Mouse
If you find the Ragtime Mouse (it resides in wooded areas) and properly answer its questions, you can earn some extra Gil. Answer by choosing either "True" nor "False." The mouse will then give you Gil in return for each correct answer, as well as keep track of your percentages. Some locations the Ragtime Mouse have been known to inhabit include Gunitas Basin, Lindblum Plateau, Bentini Heights, Lucid Plains, Pualei Plains, and Alexandria Plateau. The rewards for correct answers in a row are:

Question 1: 1,000 Gil
Question 2: 1,000 Gil
Question 3: 1,000 Gil
Question 4: 2,000 Gil
Question 5: 2,000 Gil
Question 6: 3,000 Gil
Question 7: 3,000 Gil
Question 8: 4,000 Gil
Question 9: 4,000 Gil
Questions 10: 5,000 Gil

Some questions the Ragtime Mouse have been known to ask include:

The 15th Lindblum War started in 1600? (False)
Chocobo Forest is located between Lindblum and South Gate (False)
The Theather Ship Prima Vista was built in Artania Shipyards (False)
"I Want to Be Your Canary" was written by Lord Afon (False)
Lindblum Castle is larger than Alexandria Castle (True)
Lindblum's air cabs operate around the clock (True)
Some Mus are friendly and don't attack (True)
Berkmea Cable Cars have been running for eight years (True)
Fossil Roo is a tunnel that connects Treno and Alexandria (False)
Theater Ship Prima Vista uses Mist as its source of energy (True)

Stallazio coin locations

Dali windmill.
Behind item shop in Treno.
At entrance to Treno, throw Gil in fountain 13 times.
Beside an overturned cart near the entrance to Burmecia.
Near Netune statue in Alexandria,
Black Mage Village Inn.
The right side of the fountain in Maiden Sari.
Below the HP/MP restoring spring in Qu's Marsh.
Left of the pickle cart in Lindblum.
Water right of the entrance to Daguerro.
The right chest at Ipson's Castle.
Chest inside the Invincible.
Below the HP/MP restoring spring (same as the eight coin).


Defeating the Iifa Tree
When fighting the Iifa Tree, simply cast "Life" on it and it will die instantly. It is an "undead" creature, so "Life" is essentially "Death".

Defeating Ozma
If you encountered all the spirits in Gaia and satisfied their requests go to Chocobo Aerial Garden (you will need a Gold Chocobo and a Dead Pepper). Examine the stone on the second platform and choose the third option, then the first option to fight Ozma. To defeat Ozma, put Zidane, Dagger, Quina and Eiko in your party. Have Quina use Magic Hammer three or four times to steal all Ozma's Magic Points -- from now on it cannot use any spells. Then, have Zidane and Quina attack and Dagger and Eiko heal (do not use summons, you need a large amount of MP in this battle). With some of patience (an half of an hour if you are lucky), you should defeat Ozma.

Have Zidane, Dagger, Steiner, and Quina in your party. Equip all character with armor that protects against or absorbs Shadow damage before the battle. Make sure Quina and Steiner have plenty of MP, and it is preferable that Zidane has the Long Reach ability. First, have Quina use Magic Hammer about four to five times while Steiner is using Shock. Then, if Zidane has the Long Reach ability, attack; or if he goes into Trance use Grand Lethal. Use Dagger to heal using Cura or Curaga when necessary and you should come out of the battle unhindered.

Use a party that consists of Zidane, Freya, Steiner, and EIko. Next, equip armor that dodges shadow, Zidane with the Ultima Weapon, Freya with the Dragons Hair (obtained in the Choco Quest). and Steiner with the Ragnorak (also obtained in the Choco Quest) As the battle begins, have Eiko cast Reflect on everyone and have Freya and Steiner attack with DragonCrest and Shoch, respectively. Reflect will bounce back all of Ozma's magic attacks, including the dreaded Curse. Note: The same tactic also works on Hades, Kuja, and the final Boss.

Defeating the Soul of the Ancient Tree of Life:
When fighting the Soul of the Ancient Tree of Life, never use a Fire spell. If this is done, it will counter-attack your entire party with this Fire magic or do an attack that can deal over 700 HP of damage. Sometimes he may even use it two times in a row that can immediately end the game. Instead, use others spells such as Ice 2 or Bolt 2, which can do some very heavy damage on him.

Defeating undead creatures
When battling a creature of the undead type, use an anti-KO item and it will instantly "kill" them.

Defeating stone creatures:
Use a Soft on stone enemies, such as Gargoyle, to instantly kill them. This trick will not work well with the spell Stona.

Once you have completed the Chocobo side quest and found all of the treasures, go to Daguerreo. Talk to the four-armed man. He should say something about an "S-Rank" and run off. Follow him and talk to him again. He should give you the S-Rank Medal, and reveal his true self (Gilgamish).

Quadruple magic attack
When you get a reflect ring, have the four characters you regularly have in your party with learn "Auto Reflect". When they all have it turned on, cast a reflective party spell, such as Bio or any of the elements, at yourself, This will effectively quadruple the power of the spell on a single target. However, this is only helpful for lower levels and is virtually useless if you have great spells.

9999 damage with Atomost
The formula For Dagger's summon Atomost is as follows:

Full Animation: (30+ Party's number of Amethysts)% of enemies HP.
Short Animation: 2/3 of Full Animation formula.

For example, if you have 70 Amethysts, it takes 100% of the enemies HP off, with a limit of 9,999. This means an enemy with 12,000 health will lose 9,999. This is useful while training against Yans, Grand Dragons, and other difficult enemies.

Change Airship altitude
Put the Airship on auto-pilot, then press Up or Down to change its altitude while flying to your destination.

Early Lowell Autograph
After seeing the Lowell Fans rant over him at his theater, go directly to the Artists House in the Theater District and talk to Lowell. He will ask you not to tell anyone, and give you an autograph (key item).

Cargo ship model
Mr.Morrid's coffees can be found at the following locations. Give all three to Mr. Morrid to get the cargo ship model (key item).

Moccha coffee: Near the entrance of south gate.
Kirman coffee: On Eiko's back porch in Madin Sari.
Burman coffee: Get to the treasure chest in the windmill in Dali Village. You will get 30,000 Gil. Check the chest again to find the Burman coffee.

Buy the Magic Fingertip from the auction house and go to Duguerro. Give it to the old man that was looking for a book about Edions. He will give you Excalibur.

Excalibur 2
Get to Memoria within 12 game hours to receive the Excalibur 2. You can learn Climhazzard with this.

Early Grand Dragon:
When you first go to Gizamaluke's Grotto on Disc 1, notice the ladder to the outside in the room with the Moogle couple. Once outside, it leads to an area with a fight involving a Grand Dragon, which definitely increases your level.

Early Iron Sword:
While Fighting Baku in the destroyed Prima Vista, steal a Broadsword and defeat him. When you defeat the Plant Brain in Evil Forest and get Blank in you party, go to Equip on Blank and trade the stolen Broadsword for Blank's Iron Sword. Equip Steiner with it.

Early Mythril Dagger:
When Fighting the Masked Baku, Steal from him. You will eventually get the Mythril Dagger.

Early Ruby
When you are answering Baku, say "That's when I capture Queen Brahnne, Right" 64 times. Ruby will storm in.

Quan's Dwelling:
Go to Quan's Dwelling with Quina in your party in Disc 4. Go to the room after the cave and Quina, Vivi, and Quina's master will meet Vivi's grandfather (that died).

If you have a Chocobo and some Dead Peppers you can go to Quan's Dwelling and go to the room that is outside. Go to the edge and a "?" will appear over Zidane's head. He will say that he sees foam in the water. It will automatically put you on the world map if you agree with Zidane. Press Triangle and feed the Chocobo the Dead Pepper. It will jump into the water and find a sunken treasure chest. It contains some ores and a Red Rose card. Red Rose is the ship Beatrix is in when you go to the Lifa Tree on Disc 4.

Go to the room in Quan's Dwelling and check the clock. A "!" will appear. Inside the clock are Running Shoes.

Eiko: Summons skills
Eiko has only four Eidolons to summon. but if you equip those items on her, you can use different skills.


Item equipped





Pearl Light

Cast Shell on all ally



Emerald Light

Cast Haste on all ally



Diamond Light

Cast Vanish on all ally


Maiden Prayer

Millennial Decay

Wind Elemental attack


Freya: Countering Death Sentence or Gradual Petrify
If an enemy casts Gradual Petrify or Death Sentence on Freya, have her use Jump until the end of the battle. Jump will stop the countdown from the time she jumps until the time she lands.

Steiner: Peeking
When you reach Alexandrian territory as Steiner, he will be carrying a bag of rotten stuff. That is actually Dagger. When he goes to the corner of the alley, she will think of changing into her costume while he is looking forward. You will get an option for about five seconds to either keep looking or go to the other side. Within those five seconds, if you have good reflexes, you can also choose to look the other way.

Vivi: Chased by monster
Defeat most of the monsters of Lindblum during the Festival Of The Hunt and go to the Business Center. You will see Vivi being chased by a very weak monster.

Vivi: Stronger MAGIC with Carbuncle
Summon Carbuncle and then cast Fira or something reflectable. Usualy Vivi's Fira will do 500 damage. With everyone with reflect it will do 2000 and so on.

Zidane: Easy kills early in game
Get the beast/bird/dragon/etc. killer. When you go to Lindblum the first time, you will probably have a Mage Masher. Go to the weapons shop and instead of buying the Mythril Dagger, purchase another Mage Masher. Go to the synthesis shop there and get an Ogre Sword. Equipping the killer with the Ogre Sword for Zidane can be lethal (about 400 to 700 for critical hits) until Disc 1 is passed.

Winning the Festival of the Hunt:
If you want Zidane to win the Festival of the Hunt, make sure to equip him with The Ogre. One hit should be enough to kill any monster in town. First, go to the end of the Theater District, wait in front of the barrels for a moment, then kill the Fang that appears. Next, go to the Business District and go north. Kill the Fang on the left side of the screen, then head down the right-hand path. You should see the Zaghnol. If not, exit and re-enter until it appears. When you go to kill it, Freya should appear to help you. Use her jump skill and have Zidane attack. If Zidane kills the Zaghnol, he will be catapulted into the lead. After winning, you will receive 5000 Gil.

If you want Freya to win, just kill Zidane. She will receive a Coral Ring.

If you want Vivi to win, follow these instructions exactly. As soon as you step off the tram, immediately get back on and head to the Business District. Head north, fighting as few monsters as possible, and take the left path into the church area. Kill the Fang that is there, then head back out. Vivi should run by, chased by a Fang. Kill the Fang that is chasing Vivi, then head to the right-hand path, where the Zaghnol is located. When you fight the Zaghnol, just have Zidane and Freya kill each other. With luck, Vivi should win the Festival and get a Theater Ship card.

Alexandria card
You can get the Alexandria card after Alexandria is destroyed at the start of Disc 3. Go to the center of the town and talk to the girl who is chasing the boy. She will say that she does not need it and give it to you.

Ramuh and Shiva cards
When you start Disc 3, go to the church with the bell and the Save Mog. Save, go onto the ladder, and pull the rope. You will get a Goblin, Fang, Ramuh, and Shiva cards.

Lindblum card
After Lindblum is attacked in Disc 2, go north of the inn until you enter another screen. Go to the wreckage that blocks the path to the north. The Lindblum card will be lying around in that area.

Namingway card
At the Treno Card Tournament in Disc 3, view all of the ATEs. When Vivi is trying to decide whether or not to head home, tell him not to. The next ATE with Vivi in it will show Mario getting a Namingway Card. In the second round of the tournament, you will face Mario, and he should have multiple (probably two or three) Namingway Cards along with other cards. Defeat him to receive a Namingway Card before Kuja's Palace.

Card battle with Phantoms
In Memoria, whenever you see an exclamation point pop up, press Square to have a card battle with Phantoms, who have a lot of rare cards. The battles are fairly easy, using weak cards such as Flan or Ironites.

Card symbols
Each card has a letter in its symbol at the bottom -- this is either an M, P, or X. M stands for Magic, P for Physical, and X for a special rare type. When battling cards, always attack Ms with Ps and vice versa. This will give you a greater chance for winning. Only use an X card to attack; if you use it to defend, you will almost always lose.

Changing names
You must have the Namingway card. Go to Daguerreo and go to the inn. There is a ladder behind the library. Descend and go left. Talk to the man on the left and he will offer you to change your names if you just show him the Namingway card.

Easy Gil
Win items in the Chocobo Hot & Cold game, then sell them.

When you get a key item at the auction, look for someone who wants to buy it. When they ask you if you will sell it to them, answer "No". They should say "Fine" and pay you more Gil. Note. You can only do this once per person.

Finding items and Gil
Whenever there is an explanation point (!) over the character's head, there is usually items or Gil.

13th Zodiac coin
After you find all 12 Zodiac coins and bring them to the Queen in Treno, she will say that it feels like there is something missing. Agree with her, and she will send you on a quest to find the 13th Zodiac coin. You can find this coin in Quan's Dwelling at the same location that you found the Scorpio Zodiac coin. Bring it back to her. She will thank you and give you a "hammer" to help synthesize special weapons and items.

Second Pedriot
You can get a second Pedriot if you defeat the Grithen at Fossle Roo near the man that gives you directions.

AP from ladybug
After you have found the ghost outside of Treno which gives you 10 AP, it says something about thanking a ladybug. The ladybug is outside of the Mage village near the forest area. The ladybug will ask you for some ores. Give the ores to the ladybug and she will say something about a Yeti, and give you 10 AP.

Hidden monster in book
On Disc 3 in Alexandria, you have to search for Eiko and Garnet (on the Eidion) inside the castle. Before you walk up the tower to save her, make sure you go to the castle's library. On the third shelf you can see a book. When the "?" appears above Zidane's head, you will have two choices - Listen or Ignore. Choose "Listen" and the book will respond "Challenge me if you dare". Challenge it and you can steal a few good items including Elixer, Silver Fork, Devil Mail, and Ether. The book is not the actual enemy -- there is a creature hidden in one of the pages. After every hit the book changes pages with the monster hiding in one of them randomly. This is when you are supposed to attack him with a strong attack, and he will hide again.

Cloud and Squall reference:
After you complete the game with either ending, you will watch part of a play. The line "Neither Cloud nor Squall shall stop me." can be seen.

Cloud reference
In Lindblum's weapon shop, Zidane will get a (!) over his head and mention something about a guy with spiky hair that had a sword just like the one on the wall.

Kain's Lance reference
In Memoria on Disc 4, go past the save spot at the entrance and head for the door. Before you reach it, stick to the right against the wall. You will go in and find Kain's Lance. This Lance belongs to Kain from Final Fantasy 2.

A powerful weapon sealed in Memoria, owned by Cain/Kain, the Dragon Knight of Baron. It is the seconnd strongest weapon for Freya.

Water Shrine reference
This is also known as the Tower of Waltz. It sank into the ocean long time ago when the evil forces destroyed the Water Crystal.

Holy Lance reference
You can steal the Holy Lance from Ark in Oeilvert or simply buy it in Daguerreo. This was the ultimate weapon for Cain/Kain, in Final Fantasy 4. It was sealed in the underground of the Second Moon. It can be used by Freya.

Reis Wind reference
This is the econd ability of Freya. Reis was the ancient Holy Dragon. This type of dragon can assume the shape of a human, like in Final Fantasy Tactics (human form but it is a dragon).

Parasite Eve gunsmiths reference
When you go to the Synth Shop in Lindblum, there are two men there. One's name is Torres and the other is named Wayne. These two names are the names of the two gunsmiths in Parasite Eve.

Final Fantasy 3 music
Buy Une's mirror and Doga artifact at the Treno Auction House. Go to the Black Mage Village. Enter the inn and talk to the Black Mage in front of the music box. You will hear a very old song until you stay in the village.

Final Fantasy 7 music
After you crash the airship into the evil woods at the start of the game, go inside to hear a band play the music from Final Fantasy 7, during the parade for Rufus. This is the Active Time Event called "Orchestra in the Forest".

Wait about ten seconds after dying to hear music from Final Fantasy 7.

Submitted by: Higgywoo, Mike Hudson and Fogseth

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