Final Fantasy VIII
Also known as: FF 8, Final Fantasy 8, FF8, FFVIII

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Disc 1:
Shiva and Quezacotl .... Get them from the computer at Squall's desk, if you don't, get them from Quistis when Squall meets her at the front gate.
Ifrit .... You earn him after defeating him at the fire cavern.
Siren .... Draw her from Elvoret during the fight.
Diablos .... Diablos is in the magical lamp you get from Cid before you leave for your mission.
Sacred and Minotaur .... You get them from the Tomb of the Unkown King.
Carbuncle .... Draw Carbuncle from Iguion.

Disc 2:
Leviathan .... Draw him from Norg after Norg's protective shield shatters.
Pandemona .... During your first ecounter with Fujin and Raijin, you can draw Pandemona from Fujin.
Tonberry King .... You can find Tonberry at Centra Ruins (near the centre of the Southern part of the map) You will have to fight about 20 small Tonberry's before you get to fight the Tonberry King. (I suggest to get Cactuar first and make him learn Kamikaze, it makes the p rocess a whole lot easier)
Cerebus .... You can find Cerebus in the Main Hall of Galbadia Garden. You will want to stock up on the spell called Dispel because Cerebus always casts Triple on himself, and everytime he does you should cast Dispel on him. You can get this spell from Death Claw who can also be found in the Main Hall.
Alexander .... You draw him from Edea. You will definitly want him. If you don't get him, then you won't get Doomtrain.

Disc 3:
Doomtrain .... You can find the ring with which you summon him from at Tears' Point. To summon him is a whole different story. You will need 666 items.  You will need (for the 666 items) 6 steel pipes in which you can earn by defeating Wenidgo, 6 Malaboro Tenticles which you Mug from Malaboro, And (here's why you need Alexander. He has Med LV Up) you have to turn 60 rememdies into 6 Remedy+'s.
Cactuar .... You have to defeat him in order to obtain him as one of your GF's.  When  "Jumbo Cactuar is hesi tating..." appears at the top of the screen. That means the end is near. But however, if you take too long, he will run away which means you will have to fight him all over again.
Bahumut .... You can find Bahumut at the Deep Sea Research Centre which is located at the South West Corner of the map. To obtain him, you must defeat two Ruby Dragons with no breaks in between (Diablos works the best on Ruby Dragon) After you defeat Ruby, you get to fight Bahumut (no break)
And last but not least...
Make sure Zell is in your party...
Eden- He is also located at the Deep Sea Research Centre. You must leave and come back later though. Anyway, once you do come back, you have to descend the vine that grew while you were gone. On that floor, examine the panel to open the door. There is five more levels and you have to use RSP (Reserve Steam Pressure) On Level 2, use two RSP. And for the next 3 use one RSP each. When you get to level six, let Zell take care of the machinery s o he can open the door to the excavation site. After that, there is still a long way down. Once you get down to the bottom, you will have to fight Ultima Weapon when you start fighting him, draw Eden from him right away. Once you defeat Ultima Weapon you will get Eden and Your Guardian Force collection will be complete.

Occult Fan (These tell you about how to get Doomtrain, but they are pretty vague.)
1) You can find the first Occult Fan in the Balamb Garden Library. (Disc 1)
2) To get this one you have to defeat a man in Dollet at a card game. The man is in the Dollet Hotel and if you defeat him at cards, he'll let you into his private room. And to get the Combat King, search all the stacks of Magazines til you find it. (Disc 1)
3) After Balamb Garden crashes into FH. (Fisherman's Horizon) You go down the ladder before the lift. Go left until you reach the Master Fisherman. Apolog ize for the mess and he'll give  you the Occult Fan magazine. (Disc 2)
4) Speak to the Presidential Aide standing near the Esthar Airstation. (Disc 3)

Pet Pals (These are for Angelo, Rinoa's dog, to learn tricks)
1) You get the first Pet Pals on the train to Timber. Don't worry too much about it. You get it automatically. (Disc 1)
2) You can get the second Issue off Rinoa's bed which you can get after the briefing with the Resistance Members. (Disc 1)
(3&4) You can buy 3 and 4 from the Timber Train station after which you get after getting off the Resistance Member Train. (Disc 1)
(5&6) You can buy them at the Mall in Esthar at Rinrin's Pet Shop. (Disc 3)
You now have all the Pet Pals. (Disc 3)

Weapons Monthly (Read these so you know what you need to have your weapons upgraded)
1) You get the March Issue right after defeating Elvoret. It's automatic, so don't worry too much. (Disc 1)
2) You can get the April Issue off Squall's desk when he gets his new dorm room. (Disc 1)
3) When Rinoa is by herself on her way to find the Sorceress, go in the Sewer and go left until you find the May Issue (Disc 1)
4) You can get the June Issue after defeating the Commander and his privates which are in BGH25IF2, they eventually come crawling out of it. and they should go down after one GF attack. You also get this one automatically. (Disc 2)
5) You can find the July Issue in the Training Centre. (Disc 3)
6) The August Issue is at Trabia Gardenby the Fountain when you first come in. (Disc 3)
7) This one is during one of Laguna's Quests.The one where he is in Esthar. And this is the First Monthly Issue of Weapons Monthly. You can find it after you get off the elevator. You don't want to miss it, beacause if you do, it'll cost and armand a leg to buy it. (Disc 3)

Combat King (These are for Zell's Limit Breaks)
1) You can find the first one on Floor 6 of the Prison in one of the cells (Disc 2)
2) The second you automatically get during your first encounter with Raijin and Fuijin. (Disc 2)
3) Go to Balamb city and make sure Zell is in your party. Talk to the girl the is in the extrance after you first come inside the city, she'll tell that a girls with pigtails was looking for Zell.   Then go to Zell's house and talk to his mother. Then check in at the Balamb hotel. After they all wake up. Zell will be down stairs talking to the girl with the pigtails (Disc 3)
4) Buy this one at the Esthar Mall from Karen's Book Store. (Disc 3)

Note: You could always buy them all, but take the time to actually find what you can because   some of them are really expensive when you do go to buy them.

There are 10 "Timber Magazines" in FF8. Collec t all of them, and you can find out more about Laguna in your computer in the classroom. Here are the locations of each magazine:
1. Dollet Bar
2. Dollet Inn
3. Timber Maniacs
4. Timber Inn
5. Fisherman's Horizon
6. Shumi Village Inn
7. Trabia Garden (Graveyard)
8. Edea's Home (Orphanage)
9. White SeeD Vessel (Left side of control room)
10. Balamb Inn


Disc 1:
Ifrit .... You get it when you defeat Ifrit.
Diablos .... You get it when you defeat Diablos.
Angelo- You can win it from Rinoa's colleague, Watt while on the train. Note: If you don't want to you can do it later in the game on the third Disc when you go on the White SeeD ship.
Sacred and Minotaur .... You earn them by defeating The Brothers.
Siren .... You can win it from the man in the Dollet Hotel. It's the guy that has the private room.

Disc 2:
Seifer .... Before you go to Fisherman's Horizon. Challenge Headmaster Cid to a game of cards. You can win the Seifer card from him.
Quezascotl .... You can win it from Mayor Dobe in Fisherman's Horizon.
Zell .... You can win this Card from Zell's mother.
Selphie- You can win it from Selphie's friend near the Water Fountain and Trabia Garden.
Odin .... You get it when you defeat Odin.
Cerebus .... You get it when you defeat Cerebus.

Disc 3:
Carbuncle .... You can win it from Card Queen Heart (Xu) on the 3rd floor deck of Balamb Garden.
Leviathan .... You can win it from Card Magician Joker. He'll be in the Training Centre.
Gilgamesh .... You can win it from Card Knight King who only appears only after you've defeated every other Card Club member. After you have defeated all the other card members, go talk to the docter and then go take a nap and Card Knight King will challange you.
Edea .... You can win it from Edea at her house. (P.S. you can also win Seifer's card from Cid if you didn't earlier.)
Rinoa .... Win it from her father after you lose your Ifrit Card to him Note: You can win it back from Martine who is outside Mayor Dobe's house in FH.
Pandemona .... You can win it from the man outside the Balamb Hotel in Baalamb City.
Chocobo .... To get this card you must visit and wina game at each of the Chocobo Forests...

Located-The Beginners Forest: Winter's Island (Near Shumi Village)
Forest of Fun: The Lenown Plains in Centra
Fortress of Solitude: Nectar Peninsula in Centra
The Enclosed Forest: The Talle Mountains in Esthar
The Roaming Forest: The Bika Snowfield in Trabia
The Basics Forest: The Sorbald Snowfield in Trabia
Ward .... Odine has Ward's Card
Alexander .... Piet has this card, he will be the guy in white on the Lunar Base.
Laguna- Ellone has this card. (This is probably the best one, cause it changes into 100 hero's which makes you invincible during a battle)
PuPu- You must find four UFO sightings:
Timber: Mandy Beach
Winhill: Winhill Bluffs
Esthar: Kashkabald De sert
Trabia: The small island by Health Peninsula
After you find those, go to the rocky ledge above the Chocobo Holy Forest. You should encounter a UFO. One GF should destroy it... After that, make sure you have 5 Elixers and then travel to Balmb where your Garden used to be and walk around until you encounter a small  alien, give him the 5 Elixers and he'll reward you with his card.
Bahumut .... You get his card when you defeat him.
Kiros, Irvine, Phoenix, Chubby Chocobo, and Doomtrain- You can win these from the Card Queen. (P.S. You might wanna get rid of all your weaker cards, probably everything below Level 8)

Note: You can use the Card Mod to change all of your rare cards into items, and win them back when the Card Club migrates to the Ragnorok

Super Strength With Squall
Once your GF's learn STR+10%, 20%, etc. set it on squall. Then junction to his strength tornadoes if you have 100 of them. With the lion heart and a flash-using trigger you could probably do 9999 damage every hit, which would work well with his limit break, Renzokuken.

Get Cactuar GF
First before you try to get Cactuar you should be around level 60 and have the Levithian GF. You have to go to Cactuar Island which is in the southeast corner of the Esthar continent. You can distinguish it because of the big green Catuar that keeps appearing and disappearing on the island, this is the Jumbo Cactuar that you have to battle. You should equip the Revive and Recover Abilities on two different people because the Jumbo Cactuar uses the 10,000 needles ability which can wipe out a character in a single shot. The third person should be able to cast Life or Full Life spells. Also the Jumbo Cactuar is weak against water so use Levithian. The Battle is all about patience because you have to keep reviving your characters and attacking at the same time plus the Jumbo Cactuar has 60,000 HP. Have one character act as a medic while the other two attack. After attacking the Jumbo Cactuar for a while a little sign will appear saying that the Jumbo Cactuar is hesitating. Stop all your attacks at this point because he may runaway. Just use Levithian and your strongest attacks to finish him off before you! Stop. After you beat him you got the Cactuar GF. This is one of the best GFs in the game. When it's at level 100 he can do 10,000 points of damage and you will never have to boost, ever!



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