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Collect a power-up, then leave that location and return.
The power-up will reappear and may be collected again.
The maximum number of nitros that may be collected is five.

When chased by the police, you can cut them off by hitting them on the back when they try to cut you off.

In Episode 7, Scenes 1, 2, and 3, you can go ahead of younger Black Jack, but not too far.
You can beat him to where he needs to go (listen to Luke for when you need to turn).

Playing any Episode/Scene
Complete the game, then save to a memory card. Load the game from the options/memory card screen to chose any episode and scene.
Chose quit to the main menu and save the game again at the options/memory card screen.

Fairgrounds shortcut
There is a shortcut in the fairgrounds on any two player mode. The shortcut is located towards the end of the lap. As soon as you start seeing the audience, there is a small road on the right with a road block. You can zigzag through the road block and use the ramps to jump over more of the road blocks along the shortcut. It leads to the start/finish line. The shortcut can also be used while racing the other cars.

Hidden fairgrounds nitro
A hidden nitro may be found at the fairgrounds on any mode. Get to the point with two jumps and an orange fence. A nitro power-up can be seen on the other side of the fence. Drive through the orange fence to collect it.

Select the Two Player Mode, then go to Run The Jug.
When you take off, simply avoid the jug.
As long as you don't touch it you can ride around in the Junkyard or Compound as long as you want to..

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