Dragon Quest VII 7
Also Known as: Dragon Warrior VII 7

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On the second island that you reach when you are about the fight the Giantman, you will discover a healing light.
When you are about to fight him, wait and stay in the area with the healing light.
After every battle, go back and forward to heal there.
When you are done you can return any time and do this.

Successfully complete the game to unlock two additional dungeons that can be explored.

Any time your party runs out of the hard to find World Leaf; go to the World Tree located in north present-day Krage.
A small bird will fly down and drop a World Leaf on the ground for your leader to pick up.
The World Leaf must be used before the bird will give another one.

When you get all of the Saints Parts ( Armor, Shield, Sword, and Helmet) go back to the entry and you will see the four Saints statue. In the first one, place the armor. In the second one, place the shield. In the third one, place the helmet.
Finally, place the sword in the last statue.
The seal door will open and you will enter.
When you go forward you will see a book.
Save your game now and proceed.
You will see two torches, and the right one is blue.
Take it, go on top of the big statue, and light that up.
Do the same thing to the red torch, and next to both of the statues.
It will tell you the whole puzzle to proceed on.
In the next room, pick up the shard.
Explore the area and pick up all the shards.
Then, go to the northwest room.
Fit in all the shards in the top left pillar and you will teleport to an island.

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