Disney's Aladdin in Nasiria's Revenge

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Beating the Spiders and Snakes: To kill spiders and snakes quicker, use the downward jab (press Circle when you jump).
Beating the Mummies: To kill the mummies in the pyramids, throw four flaming swords at them.
Beating the Minatour Guards: To kill the minatour guards found in the pyramids, throw four flaming swords at them, then hit them with your sword.
Beating the Minatour Warriors: To kill the minatour warriors found in the pyramids, attack them when they start walking around you.
Beating the Bow Warriors: To kill the Bow Warriors found in Agrabah, hit them when they start spinning their bow.
Beating the Spinners: To kill the Spinners found in Oasis, hit them when they put their swords by their sides.

Blue gems: To get blue gems, Find the three red gems in any level. Then, win the bonus game at the end of the level and the Genie will reward you with a blue gem.

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