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Strongest card
The strongest card is Omegamon. The back of Omegamon have two large cannon.

Most powerful card
The most powerful card is Level Mega.

Special Fusion
Special Fusion is just like DNA Digivolve. When you combine them, your Digimon will be shown in in 3D.

WaruMonzaemon + Monzaemon = Puppetmon
Hereleskabuterimon + Megadramon = Grankuwagamon
Stingmon + Exveemon = Paildramon
Aquilamon + R. Gatomon = Sylpymon
WereGururmon + RealMetalGreymon = Omnimon II
MetalGururmon + WarGreymon = Omnimon I
Angemon + Ankylomon = Shakkoumon
Omnimon + Paildramon = Imperialdramon
MagnaAngemon + Angewoman = Magnadramon
MegaSeadramon + WaruSeadramon = MetalSeadramon
LadyDevimon + Myotismon = VenomMyotismon

Easy Ultimates
Get to Dark City and defeat all four stages of Wormon. You will get a pack and an Ultimate.

Easy HP Fever
At the start, pick Armadillomon as a companion. When you get the Digi-Egg of Knowledge and have the HP Boost+100 Digi-Part, heal Digmon for 200 HP. You will then get HP Fever (1110).

Digivolve to a Vegiemon and use a Small Recovery Floppy Card. Your HP will then go to 1110.

Get to the last city, Wiseman Tower. Go to the Fusion shop, where you can Fuse anything. To get ImperialDramon, you must fuse Paildramon and Omnimon II.

Only fuse a MagnaAngemon with Jijimon.

Select Veemon as a partner if you are a beginner. He has three Digi-Eggs, compared to Hawkmon's and Armadillomon's two Eggs..

Fuse Shakkoumon with Zudomon.

Wizardmon's wand spells
Successfully complete the game, then go back to Sky City, where you fought Wizardmon. He will tell you he has a magic wand. Say the spell, and he will give you a Card. The spell for Wargreymon is WARGREYMON. The spell for ArialVeedramon is A-Veedramon. The spell for Metal Etemon is MTLETEMON. The spell for Omnimon (fire type) is OMNIMON-1. The spell for Omnimon (water type) is OMNIMON-2. The spell for Jijimon is JIJIMON.

The spell for Metal Garurumon is MTLGARURUMON.

Water special Digimon
If you are specializing in Water special Digimon, and only collect cards of water, then use the following trick. When you fuse two Cards, it will always come out as a Water Type. To get a Water Type Card, you must fuse a Fire type and ? type.

Easy way to Digivolve into U (Ultimate and Mega)
You must have the Warp Digivolve Card, and have at Least 40 Digivolve Points. As a Rookie, you must have the same type Rookie as the U you are going to Digivolve into. After you have 40 DP, look at the Warp Digivolve card, and it will read "OK!". Use this, and if you have a U level on the board, you can warp Digivolve into U easily.

Digi-egg of Courage
Defeat Beginner City and move to Flame City. From there, defeat the Battle arena. Return to the Battle Cafe and talk to Davis. He will reward you with the Digi-egg Of courage and explain the art of Armor Digivolving.

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