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HINTS AND CHEATS continued...

Get a Gabumon or a Betamon and get its offense up to 100. Your Digimon needs to be very happy to get Drimogemon. Your Digimon also needs to weigh somewhere around 40.

When you have recruited more than 40 Digimon, go to the unknown door in the forest. Be careful because Etemon performs a "Drop-Knee-Kick" that results in a lot of damage. When you defeat him, go to the Digibridge and Etemon will be there. He is there because he was kicked out of the town, while trying to set up his harem.

Go with a Fire Digimon to Freeze Land to a place where there is an iceberg. Wait until your Digimon gets cold and faints. Frigimon will save him. Note: You need to have Shellmon in the city.

Get either a Gabumon or a Penguinmon and train him in: MP 1000+, Speed 100+, and make him 30+ lbs. After a while it should digivolve into Garurumon.

Giga Dramon
Use the digivolving item Giga Hand on any Digimon that can digivlove to Mega Dramon. One of them is Tyrannomon.

After recovering data from Andromon, go back where you defeated Giromon and talk to him. He will join the city and open up a jukebox in the restaurant.

To get Greymon you have to get all stats to 130, offense to 200, HP to 1500, learn Magma Bombs, and make two or three care mistakes. This will transform Agumon into Greymon.

Greymon can also be obtained with 100 all stats, 1000 HP and MP, and 90%+ discipline.

Greymon will come and challenge you when your prosperity rate is at 15 or higher.

Get 1500 HP, 1000 MP, stats 200, brain100, one mistake to digieolvoe Kunemon. To get him, make him sleep at the Kunemon bed.

Get a Shellmon, Kuwagamon, or Kabuterimon. Get 4000 HP, 3000 MP, 250 offense, 300 defense, 250 speed brains 200, 90 percent happiness, and 15+ battles.

To recruit Kokatorimon to the City you need a Digimon that wakes up very early in the morning. Then, go to "Misty Trees" and try to find him there. He is near the stone statues. When you find him, he will battle you. Be sure you train very hard on Defense because he has the Megalo Spark attack. It is safer to be an Ultimate Digimon with strong attacks and parameters.

Go to Gear Savanna and meet Leomon. He will not join the town by that time. Recruit 45 Digimon, including Birdramon, and go to Drill Tunnel Basement 3rd level. Go even deeper than that and you will find the Board of Ancient Leomon. You can find Nanimon next to it. Show him the board and will join the town.

Save the game when prompted after defeating Analog Man's Machinedramon. This should be either after or before you say good-bye to everyone in the Digiworld. Load the data in the "Battle Mode" (two player mode). When cycling through your possible Digimon to duel with a friend, Machinedramon will be unlocked. Note: He will not show up in the game when saving a Digimon at Jijimon's house. He will have the same three moves present as when you fought him. His stats will be identical to your Digimon's stats when you defeated him.

After defeating Machinedramon at Mt. Infinity, go to the Ice Castle. You will find that any type of Digimon can enter and the entire place is transformed into a grid like Mt. Infinity. Machinedramon will be there with a new move that increases his own strength up to 9999 for every thing. So in order to defeat him again, have your offense to 999 or you will only do 1 HP of damage.

You must have a Leomon, Ninjamon, Frigimon, or Whamon to get Mamemon. Get your Digimon's offense up to 400, defense up to 300, speed up to 300, and brains up to 400. It is also possible that your Digimon's happiness must be at the maximum.

Go to Mt. Panorama to where there are three Mudfrigimon. Enter and try to find Mamemon there. When you find mamemon there are no more Mudfrigimon.

You must have a Tyrannomon, Devimon, Airdramon, or Seadramon to get Megadramon. Get your Digimon's HP up to 3000, MP up to 5000, offense up to 500, defense up to 300, speed up to 400, and brains up to 400. Your Digimon needs to weigh close to 50. Your Digimon must also fight 30 or more battles. Your Digimon can digivolve to Megadramon after it is 11 and a half years old.

Get a digivice, HP and MP above 3000, fight many Digimon, have stats (brain, offensive...) above 250, care mistakes below 10, above 50 pounds, all in 16 days.

Get a Coelamon and turn it into a Sukamon. Go to Trash Mountain and talk to King Sukamon. Ask him to turn you back to your regular form. When he does, it should digivolve to Megaseadramon.

Get the Pink Egg, then get the in-training form to evolve to Betamon. Once you have Betamon, get Whamon. Get the Whamon's stats up to offense 400, defense 300, speed 200, brains 400, Then, get MP to around 4000 and HP around 5000.

Leave an Augomon near a toilet in File City and it will digivolve to Meramon.

Metal Etemon
When you have Etemon, fight at least 25 champion Digimon a day with HP and MP over 5000, and others over 550. You must do this for three days. He is another secret Mega Digimon and will not appear on your Digivolution chart.

To get Metal Etemon, use the digivolving item Metal Banana on a Sukamon.

Hint: Metal Greymon
Get a Drimojymon and raise its offense to over 450, defense over 200, Speed over 200, and brains over 200. It needs to be very happy and well disciplined. Fight five to fifteen battles in Greymon's gym. When he is 10, he should digivolve.

Metal Mamemon
You must have a Monochromon, Ninjamon, Kabuterimon, or Frigimon. Get your Digimon's offense up to 500, defense up to 400, speed up to 400, and brains up to 400. Your Digimon must also have maximum happiness.

In order to recruit Monochromon you must work on his shop in the "Great Canyon Top" area. You must get the money up to 3,000 bits after you work on his shop. He will pay you 2,000 bits and go to the City.

When Numamon, go to Toy Land. Enter the big Digimon house to your left. To your right is Acostom of Monzaemon. Put it on and you will digivolve into Monzaemon. Also try this with a different Digimon.

When you talk to Shogungekomon he will tell you about a costume of Monzaemonin Toy Town. Go to Cherrymon next. Defeat him and he will also tell you about Monzemon. Go to Toy Town and go to the head of Tyranomon. Enter his mouth. It will say "Costume House". Have a Numemon and check out the costume in the chair. Your Digimon will digivolve into Monzaemon. You can do this whenever you are Numemon.

To get him, your partner needs to be a Monzaemon. Go right of Toy Town and you will see the robot house. Talk to one of the Tinmon and he will open the Toy Mansion. Go in the mansion and there you will see Digimons. Get through them and at the end you will see a Waru Monzaemon -- pick the small box and you will find him. He will fight you. When you defeat him, he will give you a gear. Take it to the Tinmon and the town will turn to normal. The Monzaemon doll will go to the City.

To get Nanimon, command Disciplain when both Disciplain and Happiness are empty.

Go to Great Canyon. Go to the junction which forks to east and west. Walk to the east, and Ogremon and two Agumon wo;; appear. Note: This only happens when you ask for information from Uramon. Defeat them, then go back to the town. Talk to Uramon and he will tell you that Ogremon has a hideout. To go to the hideout, return to the junction and walk to westward twice. You and your partner can fall to the bottom of the valley (check the elevator and it starts to work). Find the Ogre Fort and enter to encounter several monsters. When you enter the room before the headquarters, you must fight with three Agumon. After that, go to the headquarters and defeat Ogremon again. He will escape through the secret elevator -- chase him. When you are on the path, Shellmon talks to you and says that he is trapped because the elevator rose. Go back into the Ogre Fort and pass through Freezeland. (You can check the OgreFort and find the secret room is unlocked. Inside is a Treasure Computer.) Talk to Shellmon and he will come to the town. Enter Freezeland, then walk in the following directions: north, north, northeast, east, southeast, and southwest. You should have encountered Whamon. Talk to Whamon and go to the secret cave. Then Ogremon will be there again with Waru-Seadramon. Train well, because Waru-Seadramon is strong. After you defeat him, he runs away again. By this time Whamon will take you back to the town, and joins the town. Go to the Drill Tunnel and you will find that it is overrun by Ogremon. Note: This happens when you finish the Drill Tunnel Quest. Defeat him again. Ogremon will give up and joins the city. He will rebuild Jijimon's house after recruiting 50 Digimon and patrol the town just like Bakemon.

Get Airdramon, Birdramon, Kokatoriomon, Angemon, or Unimon. Get its HP to 2000, MP to 4000, offense to 450, defense to 100, speed to 100, and brains to 100. Get the weight to 20 lbs., one or less care mistakes, and no battles.

When your city points are at 36, go to the tropical jungle at night. When you pass the Digimon Bridge, go down. Piximon is under the tree with the bananas. Note: If you defeat her, she is only going to sell you a Training Book for 50,000 bits.

When your city points are at 41, you can fight Piximon at noon.

Get a Betamon and get its HP and MP up to 1000. It also should weigh close to 30.

Seadramon and Blue Flute
To get Seadramon you must have the Amazing Rod that you get from ShogunGekomon. Go to the southern area of Dragon Eye Lake (close view) and fish between the tall pole in the back and the bucket. Seadramon swims in a S-like pattern. Put any bait directly in his path and catch him like a regular fish. When caught, he will ask you what you want. You can ask for an item, to learn a new water/ice technique, or to be friends. If you ask for an item he will give you his Digivolution item, the water bottle. If you ask to learn a new water/ice technique, he will give you one you do not know. Note: He may only do this once. If you ask to be friends, he will give you the Blue Flute. You can do this as many times as needed. When you are done, he will leave and all the fish will be gone. To get them and Seadramon back, leave the screen and return. Everything will be there again. You can also catch Seadramon again. Once you get the Blue Flute you can go to Beetle Land with Seadramon's help or you can go see Birdramon and he will take you. You do not need to carry the Blue Flute with you. To call Seadramon, go to the edge of the lake where you talked to him and press A. It will ask you if you want to play the Lake Keeper's Flute. Answer "Yes" and Seadramon will appear to take you to Beetle Land. You can do the same thing there to get back, or use an Auto Pilot.

Get past Cherrymon, go up and you will reach Toy Town. You will see Teddymon there, but it is not alive. You will also see a zipper in the back of the teddy. You will need something to go with the costume, like a Numemon. Go in the costume and you will turn into Teddymon.

Get your town level up to 10. On the 15th day of the month get the rain plant that grows next to the sprout in the meat garden. Take this plant to the jungle and search around for a small sprout. Then, use the plant on it.

After you have done the drill tunnel, at the 15th of the month go to Tanemon. There is a strange looking plant there. Get it and then talk to Tanemon . He will say there a strange plant in the jungle. Go across the bridge and go down. Go up when the path splits. You will see three bee and some flying creature. Go to the right and then in the next screen go up and to find a plant it looks like two small leaves. Go to it and press X. Choose rain plant from your items.

Transform back from a Sukamon
When your Digimon turns into a Sukamon go to Trash Mountain. Talk to the Sukamonking and choose the second one and he will turn your Digimon back to himself.

Recruit the ghost Digimon to your city
In order to get the ghost outside Graylord's Mansion to join your city, first talk to him. He will talk in a different language, but if you answer "Yes", "Yes", and "No", he will agree to your offer.

Life Expansion
When you have a Digicatfish or a Black Bass, go fishing at the first Dragon Eye Lake with the Vending Machine. Throw the bait at the very bottom left and catch the Digiseabass. Feed it to your Digimon for a longer life experience. Note: This only works with a Ultimate and Amazing Rod.

Shorter days
Rest a lot to pass time quicker. Each time you rest results in an hour passing.

Switch techs
If you want to learn new techset moves, the easy way is to train some on your Digimon's offense, defense, speed, HP, MP, and brain.

Start a new game and enter a name. 
After the FMV sequence ends, hold Triangle + Square + Circle.
A menu will appear.
Release the buttons and check your inventory to find all sorts of items. 
Feed your Digimon with something. 
If he shakes his head, quickly press:
Triangle + Square + Circle again. 
If he eats it, quickly press:
Triangle + Square + Circle again.
Depending what was fed, he will turn into different kinds of monsters.
If you are not satisfied with that monster, hold:
Triangle + Square + Circle immediately after the monster
changes and feed him with something else.
Let go of the buttons when you are satisfied with your monster.

Submitted by: AJ, Guzo103, B Taylor, Aziz T, Andr3w761, CodyMasta, Lizzy2991, Rob Ullwin and RiCaNDiV and many others with the same/similar Cheats and hints.. Thank you

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