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Digimon World 3
Also known as: Digimon World 2003

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Wargrowlmon + Digitamamon = MegaGargomon
Stingmon + Exveemon = Paildramon
Growlmon + Grizzmon = BladeGarurumon
MagnaAngemon + Taomon = Phoenixmon
WarGreymon + MetalGarurumon = Omnimon
GranKuwagamon + BlackWarGreymon = Diaboromon
Imperialdramon F. + Omnimon = Imperialdromon P.
MaloMyotismon + Gallantmon = Beelzemon
Imperialdramon + Kabuterimon = GranKuwagamon

Second Gym Location: The second gym is in south sector, it is called the Suzaku city.
Once you have passed the Jungle grave, you will be in Phoenix Bay.
At the very end of it, there will be a board saying which direction leads u to where the directions is to ether jungle or Suzaka City.
Baronmon Location: Baronmon is in the protocol ruins.

Submitted by: AJ and Jzoner

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