Digimon World
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Medals list
The following is a list of all 15 medals you can get in Digimon World and how they are obtained:

1. Grade Cup: Cup C, D, B, A, S - Win in all.
2. Version Cup: Win in all - VER 1, 2, 3, 4, 0.
3. Type Cup: Fire, Grapple, Thunder, Wind, Nature, Cool, Metallic, Filth - Win in all.
4. Special Cup: Dino, Wing, Animal, Human Cup - Win in all.
5. 100 Times Win: Championship 100 times.
6. Technique Master: Mastered 56 switch techniques.
7. Digimon Master: Raised all 61 Digimon.
8. Max Abilities: Maxed all of the Digimon's parameters.
9. Perfect Curling: Got a perfect score in curling.
10. 100 Fish: 100 fish caught.
11. Ending: Finished the game.
12. Town Flourishing: Jijimon said the town is flourishing (recruited all Digimon).
13. Card Complete: Collected all Digimon cards.
14. Bits Maxed: Collected 999,999 Bits.
15. 10 Years: Survived for 300 days.

Digimon origination
The following is a list of Digimon and where they come from.

Egg: Rookies
Green egg: Gabumon or Agumon
Pink egg: Palmon or Betamon
Blue egg: Penguinmon or Elecmon
Orange egg: Patomon or Biyomon
Any egg: Kunemon

Rookies: Champions
Agumon: Greymon, Monochromon, Meramon, Birdramon, Centarumon, or Tyrannomon
Gabumon: Tyrannomon, Monochromon, Ogremon, Drimogemon, Centarumon, or Garurumon
Penguinmon: Mojyamon, Shellmon, Garurumon, Whamon, or Frigimon
Betamon: Whamon, Seadramon, Coelamon, or Shellmon
Patomon: Orgemon, Leomon, Angemon, Drimogemon, Tyrannomon, or Unimon
Elecmon: Leomon, Angemon, Bakemon, or Kokatorimon
Palmon: Whamon, Kuwagamon, Ninjamon, Coelamon, or Vegiemon
Biyomon: Airdramon, Kokatorimon, Birdramon, Unimon, or Kabuterimon
Kunemon: Bakemon, Kuwagamon, Vegiemon, Kabuterimon
All Rookies: Numemon, Sukamon, Devimon, or Nanimon

H: Kabuterimon, Giromon, SkullGreymon, MetalGreymon, Metal Mamemon, MegaSeadramon, Vademon, Etemon, Andromon, Megadramon, Phoenixmon, Piximon, Mamemon, Monzaemon, and Digitamon

Faster training
Wait approximately ten seconds from when your Digimon begins to train, then press Circle. If done correctly, training will end, but your Digimon will still gain the normal amount of experience.

Multiple keys in Digimon shop
If you go to the Digimon shop in Gear Sevanna after you lost the mansion key, buy it. Then, buy it again at the same spot. Even though the spot is empty a chart, a buy screen will appear. After the second purchase you should see the key, and instead of nothing or 1, a triangle 9. Now you can buy it as many times as needed.

Getting money
Get about 18 Medium Recovers and a few Digimushrooms. Go to Freezeland and talk to the third Mojyamamon. Trade your Digimushrooms for Medium Recovers. Then go to the first Mojyamamon and trade your Medium Recovers for Sup. Defense Disk. Go back to file city (auto pilot recommended) and return to the item shop. Sell the Sup. Defense disk to get 2000 bits for each disk. Repeat this process as needed.

More Digimushrooms
Go to Kunemon's Bed. Go slightly above the tree where Kunemon was sleeping. You will find a Digimushroom. Leave Kunemon's bed. Return and go to the place where you found the first Digimushroom. Another Digimushroom will be there. Repeat this as many times as needed if you need food.

Easy bits
Go to Factorial Town at Midnight and defeat Platinum-Sukamon. He will drop 3000 bits per battle. Note: He will not show up in the daytime.

Quick Digivolve
Train your Digimon in HP but do not continue it. Do this as many times as you can. Note: This can only be done on a fresh, in-training, and rookie Digimon.

Increase Digimon's happiness and discipline simultaneously
Use the following steps to increase your Digimon's happiness and discipline at the same time. When you try to give your Digimon an item and it rejects it, use the Scowl command. It will not scowl back -- it will accept the scowl and both its happiness and discipline will increase. If one of the gauges are full, the other will receive double the amount of happiness or discipline it normally receives.

View your opponent's HP
Simply press Select to view your opponent's HP and press Select again to make it disappear again.

Enter mansion in jungle cemetery
Your Digimon partner must be one of the following types to enter: Betamon, Devimon, Numemon, MetalGreymon, Kabuterimon, Vegiemon, SkullGreymon, Vademon, Kunemon, Ogremon, Bakemon, Sukamon, Etemon, Kuwagamon, Nanimon, or MegaDramon. Any other Digimon will not be allowed to enter.

Enter the Ice Sanctuary in Freezland
To enter the Ice Sanctuary, you must have a Vaccine-type Digimon. Only the following Digimon can enter the Ice Sanctuary: Agumon, Greymon, Airdramon, Monzaemon, Kabuterimon, Garurumon, Angemon, Frigimon, Birdramon, Whamon,Unimon, Andromon, Giromon, Biyomon, Palmon, Kokatorimon, Leomon, Mojymon, and Phoenixmon. Any Digimon other than listed here are either Data or Virus-type Digimon, and cannot enter the Ice Sanctuary.

Enter Factorial Town
After you recruit Whamon, you can travel to the dock side of Factorial Town. There you will find an Andromon in the Computer Room. You must Recruit both Giromon (you will find him wrecking a bad computer) and Andromon to open the main doors to Factorial Town. The doors are at Gear Savanna.

Mt. Infinity
Recruit 50 Digimons to File City to unlock Mt. Infinity.

Finding the Digi-card shop
The Digi-card shop is in Gear Savanna. When you first get to Gear Savanna, go up and you will find a left turn. Follow the left turn, go up, and you will see the Digi-card shop and a Recycled item shop.

Get the fishing rod
When you are done with the Tunnel quest, the mountain will be open. Go there and keep going up to reach a large plain. Do not go there. Instead, go to the east, then go down. Keep going and another view of the plain will appear. Go in there, then go up, Once you are at the end, go to the right until you get to the end to reach trash mountain. Go in it and you will encounter two Digimon. Then, go up and you will find the fishing rod.

Get an amazing rod
Meet ShogunGekomon and give him some cards, except the card of yourself. The more precious card you give him, the more points you get. If you collect 300 points, pay him 300 points and you can get an amazing rod.

Fishing skills
When you fish, make sure you pull the line when the fish is not moving at all. Pulling the line when the fish resists increases.

Get the lake keeper flute
From File City, go to the Native Forest. Look around until you get to Dragon Eye Lake. There should be a vending machine at that location. Fish there with the Amazing Rod. Use meat and look in back to see a shadow that resembles a small whale. After that, go to the other lake and use the flute. Seadramon will appear from the lake will take you to the Beetle Land. You can get Kabuterimon and someone else there. They also have a Training Center.

Mysty egg
After you defeat Ogremon at Drill Tunnel, go back to the Secret Cave. Go to the back of the cave. There is a PC at that location, with the Mysty egg inside.

Get the Coral Charm (Megaseadramon)
Get the amazing rod, then fish in off shore at Dragon Eye Lake.

Get a Digivice
Say "Yes" when Jijimon asks you if you have one at the start of the game.

Win the Filth Cup
Simply get Etemon to win the cup.

Xenotype World Keychain
Go to Sewers in Factorialtown after defeating Numemon. Check it thoroughly and you will see Nanimon. Talk to him and he will drop a keychain. This allows you to carry twenty items at once. Note: Nanimon also appears at the Cave of Ancient Leomon.

To get ancient greymon you must first get war greymon then feed him fifty anchovies.

When you defeat Giromon, go back to Andromon and he will disable the gas. Go to the Sewers so you could fight and get Numemon. After talk to Andromon again, and he will shut down the company and open the Iron Doors at Gear Savanna. Come back after one day then talk to him and he will join you.

Bakemon's function is to patrol your city.

Use the following steps to get Betamon back to your city. Go to the Tropical Jungle and go straight over until you find a bridge. Then, go up to reach the Mangrove Region. You should see a Modtkibetamon. Talk to him and he will go back to the city and help Coalmon.

Go to the Great Canyon, get on the elevator, go up, then walk to the left. Walk around and you will soon find Birdramon. Defeat her and return to the city. Birdramon will open a warp shop. Note: Train very hard, because it has 3756 HP and an attack that does 1011 damage. On your way you will see some Garurumon -- they do not go to the city.

Go to the jungle (to the right of File City). When you get off the bridge, go down to the next screen and there will be two ways to go. Keep going to the right to find a small wooded bridge. Cross and you will find two ways to go again. Keep going to the right to the next screen. Next, go up (be careful, as there are a lot of bad Digimon ) to reach a big locatoin. If you go up, you will get shot by a sniper. To avoid it use a bush or plant to block the shot. Keep going up until you reach the "O". If you touch "X" you get hit. Note: Get a lot of Recovery. When you reach 0, Centramon will appear. Now go back and he will open a clinic.

Attract a Digiseabass near to the shore with a catfish. When it bites it, you can catch him easier.

To get Digitamamon you need to open Mt. Infinity and defeat the first Machinedramon. After defeating him, go back to Mt. Infinity where you fought him to find Digitamamon. Defeat him and he will go to the City. To be a Digitamamon, you must recruit Whamon first when he opens his shop pick the route Secret Beach Cave. When you get there, try to find a computer-like object. In that, you will find a Misty Egg. Feed it to your Nanimon or any Champion Digimon and it will turn into a Digitamamon. Note: It is better to feed it to a Nanimon because it will get stronger parameters.

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