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Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX
Maximum Remix


Unlock First Person View
To open the first person view for all to see, beat the game with Mike Laird.

Unlock Ghost Rider
Beat the game with Joey Garcia to open Ghost Rider.

Unlock Grunts
Beat the game with Tim Mirra to open the "Goofy Grunts" cheat.

Unlock Night Vision Mode
To unlock Night Vision Mode, beat the game with Shaun Butler.

Unlock Sticky Crashes
To unlock the Sricky Crashes cheat, beat the game with Kenan Harkin.

Unlock Amish Boy
To unlock Amish Boy, beat the game with these riders: Tim Mirra, Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Mike Laird, Joey Garcia, Chad Kaigy, Troy McMurray, Kenan Harkin, Leigh Ramsdell, and Shaun Butler.

Unlock Big Crashes
To unlock the Big Crashes feature, simply beat the game with Leigh Ramsdell.

Unlock Excorcist Mode
Beat the game with Troy McMurray.

Unlock FMVs
Beat the game with the following characters to unlock the corresponding FMV:
Dave Mirra: Dave Mirra
Ryan Nyquist: Ryan Nyquist
Slim Jim: Game Contest FMV
Amish Boy: Team FMV

Submitted by: HiHatRemo, HeaVyD and AJ

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