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The following trick allows you to win the roulette game every time in the casino on the Zelbess.
When the pointer begins to spin, pause game play when the red tip is in between the west and the south points of the roulette wheel.
Then, repeatedly press: Circle and resume the game.
It will land on north every time, giving you double the money you wagered.

Plate locations
Steal from Blue dragon, when you do about a 1000, but before he sags.
Steal from Yellow Dragon at beginning of battle.
Steal from Green Dragon early in battle.
Steal from Red Dragon once he transforms.
Steal from Black Dragon early in battle.
Steal from Sky Dragon after a couple of rounds.

Note: If you do not obtain them by stealing, you can forge them with Zappa and his hammer.

Frame locations
Check the lady's cart (the one who sells elements, weapons, accessories, armor, etc.) in Home World.
Our Favorite Martian:
Once Terra Tower rises, go back to where you got Starky and talk to the man at the top of the mountain. He will give it to you.
Tropical Paradise:
In Another world, at Guldove, when Kid becomes sick, choose not to help and speak with Macha.
Quill And Papyrus:
After Serge is reborn, head to Marbule in Home World, and talk to Toma twice.
Monster's Mouth:
On SS. Zebless while you are a cat, find the door next to the restaurant. Enter the hole to the right of it. Talk to the cat and he will give you the frame.
Tea For Three:
Speak to the man behind the building in Termina near the statue in Another World.
Infrared Vision:
Search behind the large monster skull at Fossil Valley in Another World.
In Shadow Forest, lure the Red blob monster to the Quadffid in Another World.
Porre's Furnace:
In Viper Manor, Another World, in the library, search the bookcase behind the desk and speak to the "secret: monster" you find there.
Guldovian Stitch:
In Guldove, Another World, with Kid in your party, speak to Mel and she will join your party and give this frame to you.
Valencian Cloth:
In Another World, bring along a group of demi-humans (this only occurs once you are Lynx) to Marbule and speak to the short demi-human there.
Our Favorite Martian:
In Home World, immediately after defeating and recruiting Starky, speak to the person on the top (where you fought Starky).
Monster Mouth:
In Home World, when Sneff transforms you into cats, head to the kitchen and speak with the cat there.
Snakes And Orbs:
When you arrive at Gaea's Navel, in Another World, climb up the tree and defeat the Prehisteric.

Double and Triple Tech Skills
1. Serge Lv. 5 + Leena Lv. 7 + Razzly Lv. 7 = Delta Attack (White)
2. Guile Lv. 5 + Sneff Lv. 7 = Sword Storm (Black)
3. Serge Lv. 3 + Glenn Lv. 3 = X-Strike (Red)
4. Kid Lv. 3 + Mel Lv. 3 + Double Take (Red)
5. Norris Lv. 7 + Grobyc Lv. 7 + Pitch Black (Black)
6. Radius Lv. 7 + Viper Lv. 5 = Vital Force (White)
7. Karsh Lv. 3 = Zoah Lv. 7 = Dragon Spike (Green)
8. Nikki Lv. 7 + Miki Lv. 7 = Flamenco (Red)
9. NeoFio Lv. 7 = Turnip Lv. 7 = Tossed Salad (Green)
10. Serge Lv. 7 Kid Lv. 5 Sprigg Doppelgang into Slash Lv. 4= Z-Slash (Blue).

Defeating Chriosphinx
An easy way to defeat the Chriosphinx without unlocking New Game+ is to equip the Green Plate that was stolen from the Green Dragon on your most powerful character. Attack Chriosphinx with every element possible. After that, use physical attacks. This can take a very long time but is well worth it. You will get the Moonglasses for defeating it.

Defeating Dark Serge
The battle with Dark Serge can be tough, because of him using powerful elements. Buy all the trap elements from the man in Marbule. Go through one battle with Dark Serge and either die or run away. Try to remember all the elements he used and trap them. The element you need to watch for is the BlackHole. It does major damage. After the battle, de-allocate the trap elements and replace them with the ones you trapped. Do not worry about Dark Serge's techs, such as FeralCats and ForeverZero. Lynx has the same elements and can inflict more damage than Dark Serge can.

Defeating Dario
Every time Dario is attacked with an element, he counters with an element of the opposite color. Equip all your characters with nothing but green elements. Everytime Dario is attacked with an element, he will counter only with a harmless lores spell. Here is the list of what he counters with.
Red: Unknown
Blue: Unknown
White: His techs
Black: Recover all
Yellow: Bateyes
Green: Lores

Give the black plate stolen from the Black Dragon to Riddle. Then, get rid of all the elements in your grid and use physical attacks -- if you do not Dario will go crazy on that person. However, do not do anything with Riddle just in case. Since Dario will only targets Riddle first, the first attack Dash & Gash will hurt her. However, all the other attacks (since they are black) will heal her. You will get the Matermune and Snake Fang for Riddle after the battle.

Defeating and getting Janice
Have Sprigg in your party and equip her with the Forget-Me-Not-Pot. Go all over the world and find strong monsters to Dopplegang. All monsters that were defeated by Sprigg can be used in the Grand Slam on the S.S. Zelbess. Monsters from Chronopolis and Dinopolis (Terra Tower) are recommended. The monsters there have high HP and great skills. Also, check the monsters in the Bend of Time.

Defeating Polispolice
Allocate the Saints summoning element to Serge. Have Serge power up spell level to 8, wait until the enemy uses one of his spells, and cast Recover All or other white elements until the field effect is all white. Then have Serge cast Saints and it should do about 900 to 1000 HP of damage.

Defeating Undead monsters
There is one powerful element you can get that can kill an undead monster instantly. The element's name is HolyLight. To get this on the first time through the game, buy a couple of HolyLight trap elements from the man in Marbule during the event of the Six Dragons and the Six Relics to the Sea of Eden. Although you can see Miguel (Leena's Father and very tough Boss) use the HolyLight, you will have an opportunity to get it because it is too early. You need to get to Terra Tower and fight the TimeDevourer: Six Dragon Gods. Make sure to have at least one HolyLight trap element in your grid. On the black elemental form, try to trap the HolyLight element at the beginning. Then, use HolyLight on undead enemies to instantly kill them. Here are stats on this element:

Against White: Heal, no damage, half damage
Against Black: Major Damage
Against any other elemental color: Regular Damage
Against Undead: Instant kill

Use a Feel element and then use a element that is opposite of the color of the Feel element to inflict more damage to an opponent.
ie.. Use Feel Yellow and then use a Green Element.

The field effect in the upper right corner has to be all one color to use a summon.
ie.. To cast a Blue Summon like Frog, the field effect has to be solid blue.

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