Crash Bash
Also know as: Crash Bandicoot Carnival (Japan)

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On the Title screen you can press:
L1, R1, Square and then press Start

Relic Round
When you get to "Warp Room 4", go back to any level you have already visited to find a relic (after you press X to chose that level). You will then play a harder version of that level. To win, you must win two times in a row.

Platinum relic race
After you defeat the last Boss you can go to the 5 War Room. Win one of the cups and the Gold Relic race and a Platinum Relic race will be unlocked. Defeat the champion of this course three times. You can back to other worlds and do the Platinum Race after you have the Gold Relic.

Never lose energy shield
When playing on any Ballistix level, press Square to kick the ball harder at the other players. On the bottom of your ship are three lights on each side. When you press Square they turn off and on again. However, if you press Square and the shield does not hit the ball at all your shield will shut down for two to five seconds. To prevent this, only press Square when the ball is close to you. If you do not do this, you will be vulnerable to all the balls in the arena.

Defeating the Bearmanator
While defeating the Bearmanator after the little bears, shoot a missile charge to get them off.

Secret Warp Room
Complete Warp Room 4 and wait for the credits to finish. You should now be in Warp Room 5.

Easy two player game
Select two player adventure mode. When choosing characters, have player one select Dingo and player two select Cortex. The CPU should pick Coco and Kola Kong. These players are easier to defeat than the others.

submitted by: Amanda G.

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