Colin McRae Rally 2.0

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Enter one of the Names below, on the Create a New Driver Profile screen, to enable the Effect you require.

Effect .... Password
Unlock all cars .... ONECAREFULOWNER
Unlock all levels .... HELLOCLEVELAND
Unlock the Lancer Road Car .... OFFROAD
Unlock the Mini Cooper .... JOBINITALY
Unlock the Sierra Cosworth .... JIMMYSCAR
Unlock the Ford Puma .... COOLESTCAR

Enter one of the Passwords below on the Cheats Options Screen to enable the Effect you require. Be sure to read the cheat notes about some of the cheats.

Effect .... Password
Mirrored tracks .... RORRIMSKCART
Shoot fireballs* .... GREATBALLSOF
Bouncing collisions** .... RUBBERTREES
No damage** .... FRIDAYSCHILD
Monster truck wheels** .... EASYROLLER
Low gravity** .... MOONLANDER
Aggressive CPU cars* .... NEURALNIGHTMARE
Turbo mode** .... ROCKETFUEL
Faster game** .... PRUNEJUICE
Cat silhouette .... HELLO RAZU AND FLEA

*Shoot fireballs: Use the handbrake to shoot fireballs in arcade mode.
*Aggressive CPU cars: This is only effective in arcade mode.
**Bouncing collisions, No damage, Monster truck wheels, Low gravity, Turbo mode and Faster game: These cheats are only effective in time trial, single stage rally modes.

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