Colin Mcrae Rally

Enter your name as one of the Names below to enable the Effect you require.
Now, begin game play in rally or time trial mode under the expert difficulty level.

Effect .... Name
Unlock all tracks .... OPENROADS
Unlock all cars .... SHOEBOXES
Green jelly car .... BLANCMANGE
Wavy car .... MAGFLOAT
Fog mode .... PEASOUPER
Four wheel steering .... TROLLEY
Rear wheel steering .... FORKLIFT
Turbo mode .... MOREOOMPH
Button bash* .... BUTTONBASH
Turbo jumps* .... KITCAR
Low gravity .... MOONWALK
Customizable replay .... DIRECTORCUT
Nicky Grist drives* .... BACKSEAT
High-pitched Nicky Grist comments .... HELIUMNICK
Faster frame rate .... SILKYSMOOTH
Driver on right side in cockpit view .... WHITEBUNNY
All tracks at night* .... NIGHTRIDER
Disable collision detection .... GHOSTRIDER
Reversed tracks .... SKCART
Metallic cars .... TINFOILED
Micro machine mode .... DIDDYCARS
Hovercraft mode .... HOVERCRAFT

Cheats Notes:
Button bash*
Continually tap X, Circle to accelerate.
Turbo jumps*
Press Select when the bottom bar in the center of the screen is green.
Nicky Grist drives*
Switch to the interior view to see Nicky Grist.
All tracks at night*
Not sure if this is true, but if you drive down previously blocked roads at night you get abducted by a UFO.

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