Caesar's Palace 2000

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Easy money:
Begin a new game and immediately save it. Go into a luck based game such as War. Bid the highest amount you can. If you win, choose "Return To The Lobby" and save the game. Reset the game and load your saved game. Repeat this as many times as needed until you reach the desired amount of money.
Easy money (2): Go to video games and pick "Keno Multi-Ticket". When you put your coin in, pick the game called "Bet Against". It is marked "BA" in the game. Pick the #35 that it starts on and press Down until you go where the games are picked. Then, go over and cash out your one coin. Next, put a coin in and the #35 will still be lit. Press the "Play" button, then keep pressing X until all numbers are drawn. 99% of the time it will not pick the #35, and you will win a lot of money.
Easy rank improvement in Roulette: When you are asked to place your bid, place $100 on Red and $100 on Black.

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