Battle Arena Toshinden
Also known as: Toshinden (Japan)

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The Fast Sho
If you play the game on hard or very hard Difficulty and win through every battle without continuing, you will be granted the honour of fighting Sho.

Play as Gaia
Reset your playstation and press Start to skip the inroduction screen. This prompts the words 1P GAME, VS HUMAN, VS COMPUTER and OPTIONS to scroll into view. While the slide on quickly perform this special move on pad 1:
Down, Down-left, Left, Weak slash.
The exclamation "FIGHT!" will confirm your success in this matter. Now goto the character select screen, highlight Eiji, hold Up and press any attack button.

Play as Sho
Entering the Gaia code, above, is necessary for this to work, but you need to return to the scrolling options again. Leave the pad alone temporarily, wait for the demo to start rolling and press Start on pad 1 as before. This takes you back to the title screen. When the options slide on, use pad 2 to perform the combination
Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Weak slash.
"FIGHT!" should sound once more. Higlight Kayin on the character select screen, hold Down, and press any attack button.

Secret Moves
Once you've got the Sho code to work you can use this one too. Let the demo play but use Start on pad 2 to interrupt it. While the options slide into view use pad 1 to enter Down-left, Weak kick. You will hear the word "FANTASTIC!" Now goto the options menu and change the controller configuration so that L1, L2, R1, and R2 are set as instantaneous special move buttons. This allows you use your characters ultimate move at any time by pressing

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