Azure Dreams
Also known as: Other Life: Azure Dreams (Japan)

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Racetrack cheat: There are patterns in the race track that determines who wins. Save the game at mother's house, then go to the track. Buy ten tickets on any selection. Start the race and do not do anything. Find out the outcome of the race, reset, and return to the race track. Look at the odds of the previous race. Bet 10 tickets on that race. Start the race and do not do anything. Since the outcome will be the same, you should be able to pick out the winner when you purchased the tickets.
Easy money: Use the "Racetrack cheat" to get enough money for a casino. Then, play the slots. With careful timing practice, you should be able to stop each reel on "7" (jackpot). Watch the reels and count each time the 7 spins past to get the correct timing. The "7" appears at fixed intervals. After getting the correct timing, bet with the maximum amount of money for each spin to quickly build your total.

Stand in any corner and repeatedly press Triangle + Circle.

When your Familiar is at full MP, use a Pita Fruit on it and it's MP will increase by one! This might seem slow, but it helps a lot, and you can get free Pita Fruits from your mother before you go to the tower!

Gain HP WITHOUT Gaining Levels
First you need a Medicinal Herb. When you enter the tower, or when you get a medicinal herb use it on your Familiar when it's at full HP and it's HP will go up by one! And also Medicinal herbs can be obtained easily! They cost only 20g at the Blacksmith's shop!
Use these last 2 tricks (Gain MP & Gain HP) to pump up your familiar so you can live longer and make it to higher floors!

1.Talk to Her every time you come back from the tower (without dying).
2.At level 2 if you see her and is being attacked by a little green monster you must kill it for her.
3.When you get back she'll be confused why you saved her.
4.Next when you get to level 2 you'll be attacked by a monster and then she'll save you.
5.When you get back talk to her and she will say something like "Why did I save you?". And you must say "Because you like me". She won't believe you and forget about it.
6.Next go into the dungeon and come back out with a wind crystal talk to Selphie and she will ask the same question. you must answer the same answer and she will say "Oh wow I do!" or something like that.

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