Assault Rigs


This cheat will give you invincibility.
During Play press:
Left, X, Left, X, Left, Left, X, Right, X, Right, X, X.
You will see the phrase 'Invincible! Yes indeedy.' to confirm.


This cheat will give you all weapons and items.
During play press:
Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, Up, Down, Up, Up, Down, Up, Down, Down.
You will see the phrase 'Max weapons added... Oh yes.' to confirm.


Level.... Password
01 .... Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle,
02 .... Square, X, Square, X, Triangle, Square
03 .... Triangle, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle
04 .... Triangle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle
05 .... Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X, Triangle
06 .... Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle, X, Square
07 .... X, Square, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle
08 .... Triangle, Square, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle
09 .... Square, Triangle, Square, X, Triangle, X
10 .... Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square, X, Square
11 .... Triangle, Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle, Square
12 .... Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle
13 .... Triangle, Square, Circle, X, Triangle, Square
14 .... Triangle, Triangle, X, Square, Square, X
15 .... Circle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
16 .... Circle, Square, Circle, Circle, Circle, Square
17 .... Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square
18 .... Square, Circle, Square, X, Square, Triangle
19 .... X, X, Square, X, Triangle, Circle
20 .... X, Square, X, Triangle, Triangle, Square
21 .... Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Triangle
22 .... Square, Square, Triangle, Circle, ,Square, Triangle
23 .... Circle, X, X, X, X, Triangle
24 .... Triangle, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
25 .... Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square
26 .... Square, Circle, Circle, X, Circle, X
27 .... X, Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square
28 .... Square, Circle, Square, Square, Square, Square
29 .... Triangle, Square, Circle, X, Circle, Circle
30 .... Square, Circle, X, Circle, X, Triangle
31 .... Circle, Square, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle
32 .... Triangle, Square, X, Circle, Square, X
33 .... X, X, Triangle, X, X, Square
34 .... X, Circle, Square, Circle, Circle, Square
35 .... Circle, Triangle, X, Triangle, X, Triangle
36 .... X, Triangle, Triangle, X, X, Square
37 .... X, Triangle, Triangle, X, Triangle, Square
38 .... Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, X
39 .... Square, X, Triangle, X, X, Triangle
40 .... Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle, Square, X
41 .... Circle, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square

Submitted by: CheatBookJon

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