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Army Men: Land, Sea, Air
Also Known as: Army Men: Operation Meltdown: Land Sea Air
Also Known as: Army Men: World War: Land Sea Air

Walkthroughs and Guides
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Operation Steel Tiger
In the first level, just stand there for a while. Then, go up and shoot all of the tan soldiers.
Get the first grenades by the log. Follow the other men to the top and kill them. Next, they will go by rocks.
Get the grenades that are located there. Wait until they duck, stand, then throw a grenade in between them. Next, go to the building, shoot the first set of men, and get the one to the right near the tower. Then there will be three men by the bags.
Kill them and then go to the train. You will be taken on a train chase on a jeep. Kill all the men along the way. When you get out of the jeep, go to the bridge (broken one in front of you).
Walk down a short distance to the left, then turn right. Walk straight and you will see a man behind a rock. Kill him, go to the back side of the rock, and get the explosives.
Go to the bridge and blow it up. You will be taken to an area where you will have to kill all the men.
When you get to the end, you will have some trouble getting the bazooka. Just keep shooting at the train and let it explode.

Easy boot camp
Get all of the weapons from the other areas and get the medipack from in front of the obstacle area.
When you go in, go prone and watch out for enemies. Get the flag in the back and you will graduate.

Submitted: CKHitman

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