Allied General


As you press forward, you will capture cities and towns.
Your units will also become weaker as they take damage.
When a particular unit's strength is at 1, 2, or 3 (the number below the unit icon on the battle "map"), place the unit in a city you captured.
Since the city has to be unoccupied for the enemy to reclaim it, your weaker units will become more useful, especially if the weaker unit is a tank force.
However, make sure that you rebuild some units, as having all your weak units guarding a city is pointless; you should have no more than three or four in the city, so the stronger units can come back from the front lines to defend the captured city.

Anti-Aircraft Artillery
The AAA (Anti Aircraft Artillery) is not only effective against planes, it also causes a lot of damage to infantry.
Tanks can also be attacked, but the damage is not as good as against infantry.

Anti-Tank Artillery
Anti Tank Artillery can only be used against tanks.
It is useless against anything else.

Submitted by: Thomas Cunningham

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