Alex Ferguson's Player Manager 2002

Build perfect side: Choose a club such as Manchester Utd. or Liverpool (a club with high transfer money and loan money) and use the loan funds. Buy good players, use up some of the money, then go to the job center and go for the job. When you get the job, go back to the job center and go for the club you just came from. You should (sometimes they say no) get the job back, with the players you bought, plus a bit more transfer money and all the loan money back. Keep doing this until you have your perfect side.
Unlimited money: Set the left hand side on your squad to £99.999 million and do this to five players on the right hand side. For the sixth player, set him to £50 million. Go to "Finances" and if done correctly, the loan should be about -£644 million. Take out this loan and immediately repay it. You should be left with £99.1 million to spend. When the money runs out, repeat those steps again. Note: After repaying the loan, set one player back to his normal price to keep the £99.1 million.
Recommended teams: The best team to choose when first starting include Arsenal, Chelsea, Leeds, Liverpool, and Manchester Utd.
Recommended players: Goal keepers: Buffon and Abbiati, Defenders: Carragher, Woodgate, Gavin, and Kaladze, Midfield: Maresca, McPhail, Ambrosini, and Fiore, Forwards: Ravanelli, Sergio, Owen, and Trezeguet

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