Worms Blast

You get the special characters after you complete the volcano level and the amount of characters depends on the percentage of the levels that you completed on the map. To get them all, you need to complete the game - 100%. It's hard work but well worth it.
Concrete Donkey (Rocky):
He sits in a little paper boat and wears a paper crown and paddles around using his hooves. He's ok to play as and has some very odd winning/losing animations.
Mole (Fletcher):
Fletcher sits on a kind of wooden chair. He's got glasses and uses a stick to paddle the boat along. He's a bit slow but he's still quite a good character.
Superfrog :
Superfrog sits on a rubber duck ring thing with a motor at the back. Therefore he doesn't need to use paddles, he just hangs on tight. He is without doubt the best character in the game with incredible speed (he can easily outrun Piranahas) and good health as well as good everything else. He also has some quite good froggy sound effects.

Submitted by: David Finch


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