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Complete one of the following goals to unlock the corresponding feature, which may be enabled at the weapons or game options screens.

Effect .... Goal
Fast walk .... Complete mission 13
Invisibility in net games .... Complete mission 16
Low gravity .... Complete mission 20
Indestructible landscape .... Complete mission 25
Super Banana Bomb power-up .... Complete mission 33
Laser sight .... Complete mission 4
Jetpack .... Complete mission 8
Invincibility .... Earn an Elite rank in Deathmatch mode
Grenade power-up .... Earn gold medal in Artillery Range training mode
Worms bleed when shot .... Earn gold medal in Basic Training mode.
All weapon crates have sheep .... Earn gold medal in Crazy Crates training mode
Longbow power-up .... Earn gold medal in Euthanasia training mode
Shotgun power-up .... Earn gold medal in Rifle Range training mode
Aqua sheep .... Earn gold medal in Super Sheep Racing training mode
Full Wormage game options .... Gold medal and Elite rank in all


Avoid incoming fire: Press Space, Space, Enter, during game play while an incoming enemy grenade or bazooka shell is in the air. This should blow it slightly off target and is useful when your health is low.
More accurate targeting: When firing a homing missile, target the enemy and hold Space. Keep the key held after the missile fires until the target is hit.
Desperation attack: If you are almost dead and a lot of worms are nearby, use the Banana Bomb to blow them all up.
Fire Homing Missiles underwater: If you are stuck in an area where you cannot do anything, but there is some space for water, you can fire a Homing Missile to surprise your enemies. Point the crosshair in the water, but do not charge up the power too much or it will sink. If you power it up correctly, the missile will go through the water and hit your enemy from below.
Worm story: Leave the game at the title screen and allow the music to play. A story about a worm will eventually appear.
Home runs: Find an enemy worm standing fairly close to the edge of the level. Use the baseball bat to hit him into the water to get a "home run" complete with baseball bat cracking sound, baseball message (like "It's Outta Here", or "Bases Loaded"), and organ music.
Jump backwards: Press Enter twice.
Back flip: Press Backspace two times to do a back flip.
Change game settings: Press Insert.
Change name headings: Press Delete.
Super Sheep Racing: If you have collected a crate at the very left of the level, and the next crate appears at the very right, deliberately crash or detonate your current sheep and set off a new one. This will save time.
No damage from falls: Press F8 while on the rope to select the parachute. If you fall press Space to activate the parachute and avoid any damage.
Quick crates: Press Space when a weapons crate appears to remove its parachute and have it fall the rest of the way down. The weapons inside will not be damaged.

Submitted by: Jason French, CheatBookJon and AbeX


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