Warlords 3

Press the F8 key, then enter a password to enable the effect you require.

Password .... Effect
just for grant .... All Units Become Tanks
hiho hiho .... Production Time of All Cities Set to 1
purple heart .... All Units Receive Medals
king of the castle .... All Cities Become Citadels
dragon rush .... All Units Become Dragons
run spot run .... 99 Movement for All Units
there can be only one .... 100 Experience for Selected Hero
but now i can see .... Full Map
not easy being green .... Water Turns Green
if i were a rich man .... 10000 Money
show me the mana .... 20 Mana
burn baby burn .... Burn Down All Sites
i am lazy .... Conquer All Cities
name that tune .... New Background Music
lord of the mana .... Cities Without Mana Get 1 Per Turn
free free free .... Unknown Effect
target practice .... Unknown Effect
learn spell .... Unknown Effect


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