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The Moon Project

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To unlock the cheat mode, during play carefully type:
cheater 1
You can now enter a Password to enable the effect you require.
To disable the cheat mode, enter:
cheater 0

Effect .... Password
Toggle fast research .... mybrainisfaster (0 or 1)
Disable fast research .... mybrainisfaster 0
Set unit limit to indicated number .... limit_up (number)
Increase money to indicated number .... moneyfornothing (number)
Place mines .... hotground
Lose Scenario .... byebye
Lightning and rain .... shower
Toggle full map .... beautifulmoon (0 or 1)
Free research .... sciencefornothing
Everything researched .... nobelprize
Disable fog of war .... moonlight
Enable fog of war .... hide
Display all opponents on screen .... hereyouare!
Destroy selected opponent building .... smash
Destroy your own selected building .... gohome!
Destroy all visible opponents .... judgementday
Damage all visible opponents .... tromaville
Shield, health, and ammo for all units .... idkfa


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