Terminator: Future Shock

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To enable the 'Enter Code' prompt, during play, press:
You can now enter one of the passwords below to enable the cheat you require..

Password .... Effect
firepower .... Gives you all weapons
bandaid .... Refills your power/armor
nextmission .... Go to next mission
turbo .... Turns turbo mode on
superuzi .... Gives you the Super UZI.
icantsee .... Puts a viewscreen at the top right
whoami .... Tells who you are
counters .... Puts numbers at the top left
version .... Prints version number
version(id) .... Prints version number with some extra info
hello .... Prints "HELLO?"

garble .... Cheat-code garble on/off :
Allows you to see the code you're typing in. Instead of "*"

Submitted by: (Becca) Angel of the North


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