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First the server must type in: "sv-cheats 1" then, in battle go to the console by pressing the ~ key and type: "give tf_weapon_***"
Replace the *** with a code from the list below to get the weapon you require..

Weapon .... Code
auto cannon.... ac
rocket launcher .... rl
gerande launcher .... gl
pipe bomb launcher .... pl
wrench .... spammer
knife .... knife
tranquilizer gun .... tranq
chain gun .... ac
rocket Launcher .... rpg
medkit .... medikit
super shotgun .... supershotgun
flamethrower .... flamethrower
railgun .... railgun

Host your own game and make sure your console command window is set as the button ~, press it and a window will come down, type in sv_gravity ***, fill in the *** with as many numbers as you want, the normal gravity is 600 -700. have fun.

Heavy powered sniper
Join a game that has a level with a stationary machine game (Total War).
Join the game as a sniper walk up to the gun with your sniper gun out, gain control of the machine gun and just sniper in, your accuracy will be a lot better with this.

Submitted by: Tim Harris and AJ


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