The Sims: House Party
Sims House Party

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Follow the steps below..
1. During gameplay press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C  to display a prompt.
2. Enter one of these codes below to activate the cheat you require.
Enter an exclamation point at the prompt to repeat the last cheat entered.
Enter a semi-colon between codes to enter several codes at the same time.

Effect .... Code
1000 Simoleons* .... rosebud
Island home .... water_tool
Add new family history to family .... hist_add
Architecture tools automatically set the level as needed .... auto_level
Automatically load indicated house, no questions asked .... house <house #>
Check and fix required lot objects .... prepare_lot
Create-a-character mode .... edit_char
Display personality and interests .... interests
Draw all animation frames disabled .... draw_all_frames off
Draw all animation frames enabled .... draw_all_frames on
Draw colored dots at each person's origin .... draw_origins
End sim logging .... sim_log end
Execute "file.cht" file as a list of cheats .... cht <filename>
Floorable grid disabled .... draw_floorable off
Floorable grid enabled .... draw_floorable on
Force an assert for testing .... assert
Log animations in the event log window .... log_animations
  Map editor disabled .... map_edit off
Map editor enabled .... map_edit on
Move any object .... move_objects
No tutorial object generation when tutorial house is loaded .... tutorial off
Prevent web browser crashes .... browser_failsafe
Preview animations disabled .... preview_anims off
Preview animations enabled .... preview_anims on
Programmer stats .... tile_info
Quit game .... quit
Restore tutorial .... restore_tut
Rotate camera .... rotation <0-3>
Routing debug balloons disabled .... route_balloons off
Routing debug balloons enabled .... route_balloons on
Run series of random operations on unhoused families .... fam_test <opcount>
Save currently loaded house .... save
Save family history file .... history
Say "plugh" .... plugh
Say "porntipsguzzardo" .... porntipsguzzardo
Say "xyzzy" .... xyzzy
Selected person's path displayed .... draw_routes on
Selected person's path hidden .... draw_routes off
Set event logging mask .... log_mask
Set free thinking level .... autonomy <1-100>
Set grass change value .... edit_grass <number>:
Set grass growth .... grow_grass <0-150>
Set lot size .... lot_size <number>
Set time of day .... set_hour <1-24>
Sets the neighborhood directory to the path .... <directory path>
Start sim logging .... sim_log begin
Ticks disabled .... sweep off
Ticks enabled .... sweep on
Tile information displayed .... tile_info on
Tile information hidden .... tile_info off
Toggle allowing visitors to be controlled using the keyboard .... visitor_control
Toggle automatic object reset feature .... auto_reset
Toggle camera mode .... cam_mode
Toggle display of unavailable interactions in control menu .... all_menus
Toggle music .... music
Toggle quaternion transformations .... quats
Toggle sound log window .... sound_log
Toggle sounds .... sound
Toggle web page creation .... html
Total reload of people skeletons, animations, suits and skins .... reload_people

*Faster Cash:
After entering the 'rosebud' (1000 simoleons) cheat, type !; for an extra thousand.
Every !; = 1000 simoleons
For example: !;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!; = 10000 simoleons.

To successfully complete this cheat you will have to type in the cheat box.
To get the cheat box up, press Ctrl +Shift+C keys, then type in the cheat below:
Once you have typed this cheat in, go to Buy Mode and delete your Sim then go back to Live Mode and your Sim will re-appear with all needs back to full green.


Hire a Dancer
Just buy the big cake in Misc. and click on it to hire a female, or male exotic dancer.

The Mime
Want to see the mime? If you party is lacking entertainment, this guy will show up. The guests don't appreciate his company very well...

Naughty Mime
Watch out, the Mime can steal things. Make sure you put alot of your favorite things away. Mainly, he steals food, but you never know...

Celebrities can come to your party! All you need to do is have a smashing party full of guests, and get things really going. After awhile, a limo can pull up with a celebrity guest! I have had Drew Carrey!

Hire a Caterer
Go to the phone, and go to Services. Click Caterer, and you can hire one. Make sure you have out the punch bowl or the table full of trays and stuff or the caterer can't fill anything.

A Rockin' Party
Want to throw a smashing party? Buy the reclaimed payphone and call throw party to really get the night going, better still you don't need to greet your guests, they let themselves in!! But it costs $1 (Simolean) to make call

Submitted by: arb, Ullua Millano, Tom, AJ, Nutty, CheatBookJon, Steven Ayres and Katy Ayres and Frome2010

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