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During Play, press Ctrl + Shift + ~. 
You can now type in one of the passwords below to enable the effect you require..

Effect .... Password
Full health .... @ bythepowerofgrayskull
Full mana .... @ ihavethepower
Spawn indicated monster without using souls .... @ alliwantforxmasisa (monster name)
Spawn four of indicated monster without using souls .... @ aplethoraof (monster name)
32 souls .... @ dontfearthereaper
Wizard can collect red spirits .... @ castratetheheathens
Wizard gets indicated spell type .... @ gimmegimmegimme (spell name)
Reset spell timers .... @ timeisonmyside
Invincibility for the wizard .... @ yourbulletscannotharmme
Invincibility for the wizard .... @ mywingsarelikeashieldofsteel
Level 9 with all spells and creatures in local multi-player game. .... @ ragebuilding

Note: There is a space between @ and the remainder of the code.

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