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Mobile One Rally Championship


Enter one of the passwords below as Player Four's name to enable the effect you require.

Password .... Effect
world class .... A8 Championship available
turbo challenge .... A8 cars available in Time Trial and Single modes
max power .... Citroen Saxo WRC
throw me a bone .... Citroen Saxo WRC
give me time .... One minute of extra service time (press 'T' at the service screen)
arcade unlimited .... Energy in Arcade Mode
arcade action .... Arcade Mode surprises
group b .... Bonus car
mooserati .... Bonus car
lambaaghini .... Bonus car
spud car .... Bonus car
precious things .... Bonus car
furry dice .... Bonus car
mf hotback .... Bonus car
tree hugger .... Bonus car

Submitted by: AJ


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