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Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear: Urban Operations

Walkthroughs and Guides
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Press Enter to open the communication window and type of of the passwords below to enable the Effect you require..:

Password .... Effect
teamgod .... Team God Mode
avatargod .... God Mode
stumpy .... No Limbs Mode
nobrainer .... Dumb Terrorists
explore .... Can't Win
5fingerdiscount .... Reload All Items
bignoggin .... Big Head Mode
meganoggin .... Mega Head Mode
clodhopper .... Clodhopper Mode
1-900 .... Heavy Breathing
turnpunchkick .... Side Scroller(2D) Mode
theshadowknows .... Invisible Mode
teamshadow .... Team Invisible Mode
silentbutdeadly .... Fart Mode
monocle .... Monocle Mode

In-Game Codes:
F7 .... Unlocks turbo mode
F8 .... Turns off turbo mode
F10 .... Enters Debug mode

Debug Keys:
A .... AI on/off
M .... Freezes you
F6 .... Become other people
F9 .... Back to yourself
F10 .... Exit Debug Mode
F12 .... Level Skip
F7 .... Kills you

Submitted by: Kyle L


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