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Rainbow Six

Walkthroughs and Guides
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Follow the steps below...
1. In One Player Mode, during play,  press ' to open the chat window.
2. Enter one of the codes below.
3. Press enter to close the window and activate the cheat of your choice..

Some of  these cheats, if not all, also work on the add-on mission packs, but some require you to press Enter instead of  ' to open the chat window.. 

Full ammo, refill items .... 5fingerdiscount
Toggle victory conditions .... explore
Disable AI .... nobrainer
God mode .... teamgod or avatargod
2D players .... turnpunchkick
Large torsos when breathing .... 1-900
Very big heads .... meganoggin
Big heads on all characters .... bignoggin
Stumpy characters .... stumpy
Flatulent walking .... silentbutdeadly or fastactionresponseteam
Large feet and hands .... clodhopper

Activate debug keys .... debugkeys

Once you have entered the 'debugkeys' password you can use the debug keys listed below.. 
Press F10 to to enter the Debug Mode..

Screenshot [F2]
Change view [F6]
Suicide [F7] or [F8]
Return to normal view [F9]
Exit debug mode [F10]
Level skip [F12]
Adjust lighting [ or }
Toggle AI A
Third person views V or B
Adjust elevation [Comma], [Period], or /


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