Open the Console by pressing the 'T'  then enter your desired cheat code.

 GOD .... God Mode
IMPULSE 9 .... All Weapons
FLY .... Flying time!
NOCLIP .... Go through walls
NOTARGET .... Enimies won't attack unless provoked
IMPULSE 11 .... Gives you a Rune
IMPULSE 255 .... 4X Damage
R_FULLBRIGHT 1 .... Turns of the shadows

You can enter your desired amount after the codes below:
example GIVE S 21 this will give you 21 shells..

GIVE S (your number) .... Gives you Shells
GIVE N (your number) - Gives you Nails
GIVE R (your number) - Gives you Rockets
GIVE C (your number) - Gives you Cells
GIVE H (your number) - Gives you Health
GIVE (your number) - Gives you weapon


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