Pizza Tycoon


Method One: Use a character with a lot of money.
Phone the Joke Article Shop.
Buy 1 lemon flavour ice-cream, then sell it.
Repeat this approximately 15 times to get a better rank..

Method Two: Buy a lot of "Ice Cream" and that will boost you, but make sure you use your "Ice Cream".
After you get the "It's 9 p.m. and all the restaurants are closing" message, click on another person's pizza place.
You will get an option to use any "Ice Cream" you may have.
Once you use it, keep doing so and your status will keep increasing.

To get real weapons when you dial up a joke store using the terminal, ask for ice cream.
The various flavours are actually weapons:
Lemon: Bombs
Vanilla: Flame throwers
Strawberry: Bazookas
Chocolate: Poison

Submitted by: AJ and F. Winthorpe


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