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NHL 98


During play, type in one of the passwords below to enable the Effect you require.

Password .... Effect
mantis .... Gives players elongated arms, legs, and necks
nhikids .... Makes players kidsize
homegoal .... Gives home team a goal
awaygoal .... Gives away team a goal
penalty .... Causes a penalty
injury .... Causes an injury
zambo .... Puts the zomboni on the ice
victory .... Starts fireworks over the rink
flash .... Camera flashes from the stands
spots .... Turns on pregame spotlights
grab .... Similar to check but with a stick hold instead of a check
eaeao .... Gives you the EA Blades team
check .... Every player automatically body-checks an opposing player to the ice upon contact.

Submitted by: AJ


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