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Need for Speed 2

Walkthroughs and Guides
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Type one of the passwords below, on the Main Menus screens, at slow or moderate speed, to enable the vehicle you require.

Vehicle .... Password
School bus .... bus
Semi tractor .... semi
Army truck .... armytruck
VW Beetle .... vwbug
Volvo station wagon .... volvo
BMW .... bmw
Mercedes .... mercedes
Madza Miata .... miata
Jeep Wrangler .... jeepyj
Audi Quattro .... quattro
VW Vanagon .... vanagon
Toyota Landcruiser .... landcruiser
Jeep Commanche pickup .... commanche
VW Fastback .... vwfb
Snow plow .... snowtruck
Monolithic Studios Bus .... drive29
Limo .... drive30
Citroën 2CV .... drive31
Cart .... drive36
Outhouse .... drive37
Tyrannosaurus Rex .... drive38
Wagon .... drive39
Vendor Stand 1 .... drive40
Vendor Stand 2 .... drive41
Vendor Stand 3 .... drive42
Log .... drive43
Wooden crate .... drive44
Monorail train .... drive45
Hoverpolice .... drive46
UFO .... drive47
Hovering sewage truck .... drive48
Snowy wooden box .... drive49
Snowy wooden box 2 .... drive50

Monolithic Studios bonus track
Type hollywood at any screen. This track winds through various exterior sets of a film studio.

Ford Indigo
Type red racer at the main menu.

Super engine
Type pioneer at any screen. A Pioneer engine with better acceleration in arcade mode and better acceleration and higher top speed in simulation mode will be available for all cars, including the hidden vehicles.

Slippery track
Type slip at any screen.

Night racing
Hold N while any track loads until the race begins.

New music for Proving Grounds
Press [Up] [Up] [Right] [Left] [Down] while the Proving Grounds track is loading.

Submitted by: Need for Steve


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