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Need for Speed

Enter one of the following case-sensitive player names before a single race to activate the corresponding cheat function.
Note: Some cheat functions may require that the tournament be completed before activation.
Note: Multiple codes may be enabled by entering them after "EAC".

Effect .... Player name
Hidden 260 mph Warrior car .... EAC POWR
Change Rusty Springs into rally track .... EAC RALY
Better handling, aggressive cars .... EAC WARP
Replace 4x4s, vans, trucks with cars .... EAC 4X4R
Car cannot recover from flips .... EAC SCAR
Faster game clock .... EAC TIME
Slower game clock .... EAC SLOW
Alternate advertising on walls and signs .... EAC GIMX
Stable crashes with immediate restart .... EAC QAQA

Submitted by: AJ


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