Monster Truck Madness 2

Hockey game: 
Set the weather to "Snow" and begin game play on the Breakneck Ridge track.
A puck will appear on the icy area of the track. 

Torture Pit Track: 
While Racing on Sidewinder Canyon, race to the 4th checkpoint. 
Go past the bridge and make a quick right going through the barricades. 
Follow the dirt path and stop after the first bridge and make a right 
onto another bridge and follow that bridge to the end. 
You will see a checkpoint that will say "Pit." 
Go throught the checkpoint and follow the on screen instructions and you'll get the track. 

On Scrapyard Run, at the fourth checkpoint there is a building with a 
truck right outside and a chain link fence. Go through the fence and turn left on the road. 
The road just goes in a circle. Drive into the enclosure and you'll find a theater.


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