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Might and Magic 7

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Easy experience
Battle a monster that is worth a large amount of experience points, such as a red or blue dragon.
After killing the creatures, do not search the body for items.
Cast Paralyse on the dead monster, to bring it back to life.
However, it may be killed will one successful hit to collect its experience points.
Repeat this to rapidly accrue experience..

Red Potion=Cure Wounds
Yellow Potion=Cure Weakness
Blue Potion=Magic Potion
Red + Yellow=Cure Disease (Orange)
Red + Blue=Cure Poison (Purple)
Yellow + Blue=Awaken (Green)

Use the following combinations to create Expert level potions.
Green/Blue + Orange=Noxious Potion (White)
Green/Blue + Green=Personality Boost (White)
Green/Blue + Purple=Swift Potion (White)
Green/Blue + Green/Yellow=Divine Power (White)
Green/Blue + Orange/Red=Divine Restoration (White)
Green/Blue + Orange/Yellow=Body Resistance (White)
Green/Blue + Purple/Red=Mind Resistance (White)
Green/Yellow + Orange=Cure Paralysis (White)
Green/Yellow + Green=Intellect Boost (White)
Green/Yellow + Purple=Noxious Potion (White)
Green/Yellow + Orange/Red=Fire Resistance (White)
Green/Yellow + Purple/Red=Divine Restoration (White)
Green/Yellow + Purple/Blue=Water Resistance (White)
Orange/Red + Orange=Speed Boost (White)
Orange/Red + Green=Flaming Potion (White)
Orange/Red + Purple=Shocking Potion (White)
Orange/Red + Orange/Yellow=Divine Cure (White)
Orange/Red + Purple/Blue=Air Resistance (White)
Orange/Yellow + Orange=Accuracy Boost (White)
Orange/Yellow + Green=Cure Paralysis (White)
Orange/Yellow + Purple=Flaming Potion (White)
Orange/Yellow + Purple/Red=Earth Resistance (White)
Orange/Yellow + Purple/Blue=Divine Restoration (White)
Purple/Red + Orange=Shocking Potion (White)
Purple/Red + Green=Freezing Potion (White)
Purple/Red + Purple=Might Boost (White)
Purple/Red + Purple/Blue=Luck Boost (White)
Purple/Blue + Orange=Freezing Potion (White)
Purple/Blue + Green=Swift Potion (White)
Purple/Blue + Purple=Endurance Boost (White)

Grand Master potions
Use the following combinations to create Grand Master potions.

Orange/Yellow + Orange + Green=Pure Accuracy (Black)
Green/Blue + Green + Purple=Pure Personality
(Black) Green/Yellow + Green + Orange=Pure Intellect (Black)
Orange/Red + Orange + Purple + Pure Speed (Black)
Purple/Red + Purple + Orange=Pure Might (Black)
Purple/Blue + Purple + Green=Pure Endurance (Black)

Submitted by: Mike Homer


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