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Get all of your characters the bow skill and bows

Once completing the letter quest get armour and a offensive fire spell

Go to New scorpiol (by horse) and talk to Janice in town hall to get first quest in Goblin watch but do the abandoned temple of Baa quests first

Before attempting Baa get cure poison and protection of poison


Once you have the jump spell jump up on the North ledge of the Buchanneir's Lair and click on the wall to be transported to the temple of the Gods.

As soon as you arrive click on the left wall to enter the special NWC dungeon. NB. You will die when coming out from the numerous dragons unless you use town portal spell

In new scorpiol on the left hand wall outside the bank is a fly scroll. Use it to get to the upper balcony of the bank to reach a water master teacher

If you need money, hire an merchant NPC and get one of your characters to have master merchant skill. Go to any shop and buy something, enchant it and sell it back for a profit

Free Haven offers the most NPC's that can teach you and you can hire.

Do lots of minor quests first to build up a large amount of gold and good skills before even attemping leaving the New Scorpiol, Ironfist, New Haven areas

This may sound stupid but to fly press the Page up key on the keyboard once you have cast a spell. (this is for people who don't look in the manual and then think their game is bugged once you cast Fly and don't fly)

Once you have completed Hall of the Fire Lord Quest, keep clicking on Quest to earn experience

Even though the manual says no temple can cure Eradication, the Free Haven one that you had to build can

It may seem obvious but put a lyod's Beacon at a temple and then teleport back to it if you need a refill on spell points or hit points (make sure you leave enough spell points to set a beacon where you are and recall the temple beacon)

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