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Madden NFL 98


During play, enter one of the codes below to enable the effect you require..

Code .... Effect
LEECH .... better defensive back
GLOVES .... better catching
BIGFOOT .... better kicking
JACKHAMMER .... better stiff arm

JETSONS .... Astrodomeold Oilers
DAWGPOUND .... Cleveland Browns stadium
SNAKE .... old Oakland stadium
DANDAMAN .... old Miami Dolphins stadium
OLDDC RFK .... Stadium old Redskins
SHARKSFIN .... Tiburon Sports Complex
GHOST TOWN .... Wild West late 1800s Texas

Bonus Teams
ORRS HEROES .... EA Sports team
LOIN CLOTH .... Tiburon EA team
LEADERS .... all-time leaders
COACH .... all-time, all-Madden team
PAC ATTACK .... all-60s team
STEEL CURTAIN .... all-70s team
GOLD RUSH .... all-80s team

Submitted by: Tom Weston


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